What could be more mobile than Samsung's Smart Bike?

What could be more mobile than Samsung's Smart Bike?
Here at PhoneArena, we pride ourselves on bringing you the most up-to-date news on all things mobile. And what could be more mobile than a Smart Bike, especially one that you can control with your smartphone? Bicycle designer Giovanni Pelizzoli worked with Samsung to create the bike, which was displayed at a trade show in Milan.

According to diagrams of the Smart Bike, riders would place their smartphone between the handlebars of the bike. The phone would serve as a rear-view mirror, syncing with the camera on the back of the bike. Your phone would also control other features, such as one that uses four lasers to create your own bike lane. And you can even help discover new bike paths by sending GPS signals to the proper authorities.

The Samsung Smart Bike is made of aluminum and helps absorb some of the bumps before they hit your rump. It also includes a battery, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules. It isn't clear whether Samsung plans on taking this unit and going into full-scale production, but it would be awfully cool to be pedaling your way around town on this modern take on the bicycle, wouldn't you agree?

source: DesignBoom via BusinessInsider, Gizmodo
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