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Wednesday´s News Bits

Wednesday´s News Bits
  • The Samsung Blue Earth rolls out October. The handset was officially announced at a presentation in San Francisco. The manufacturer states the eco-oriented handset equipped with solar panel is to hits the shelves in two months, but information about the first countries it´s coming to is still unavailable. While waiting, why don´t you take a look at our preview? (source: EngadgetMobile)

  • Smuggling cell phones into state penitentiaries has become quite a problem in Mississippi. Authorities seized a stunning number of 2,214 handsets last year alone, while the total number of confiscated devices for all other states was just 1,774. Two of all successful prison breaks in the state in the last 16 months have been carried out with the help of cell phones and a police officer was shot dead by escapees in a breakout. (source: Cell Phone Digest)

  • Yo bros on the West Coast – West Coast Hustle for the iPhone is now available on App Store. Its gameplay closely resembles Grand Theft Auto and you can have it for just $7. Since we´re on the East Coast, we´d rather wait for a localized version. (via: IntoMobile)

  • The Pantech C180 appears on FCC computers. This is an extremely affordable handset delivering simplified functionality. The device will become available through AT&T on the carrier´s prepaid plans. (source: Phone Scoop)

  • The HTC Quilin looks like Asian version of the Whitestone (HTC Touch Diamond2) and is coming out through Verizon Wireless in the US. The handset will be running Windows Mobile 6.5 and feature awesome specs like a CPU that will be faster than the 600MHz unit powering its predecessor, 256MB RAM, 5-megapixel camera, 3.6-inch WVGA display, Wi-Fi and GPS. (source: wmpoweruser)

FCC OKs Cingular\'s purchase of AT&T Wireless