WebOS springs back from the dead at CES to power a LG Smart TV

WebOS springs back from the dead at CES to power a LG Smart TV
We have heard hardly nothing about webOS after LG bought it and it ceased to be a mobile OS. WebOS was launched in 2009 as a successor to Palm OS. Two years later, HP announced that it will use webOS as an universal platform for all its devices. The OS found its way to several HP devices, but after the release of version 3.0.5 of webOS, the mobile platform was sold to LG.

However, CES 2014 might give us the answer what exactly happened with the unfortunate operating system after the Koreans took over last year - a set of photos of one of LG's booths in Las Vegas hints that the company will show a Smart TV, the first LG device that is powered by webOS.

LG will most probably stress on three key features of its webOS-powered Smart TV – the relative ease of the setup, navigation and connection of the device. Just like the company's TVs in the past few years, the webOS Smart TV will come with voice and gesture recognition on board. The device is said to feature easy multitasking, too. Users will be able to download various apps and games from the LG Store. According to the Korean giant, more than 70% of its upcoming Smart TVs in 2014 will come with webOS on board.

source: LG (translated) via The Verge



10. andynaija

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The lady in the white and green dress is pretty :D

12. reckless562

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yes she is andynaija, yes she is!!!!

9. Mr_Awesome

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Looks awesome

8. jibraihimi

Posts: 816; Member since: Nov 29, 2011

wow, it really looks nice...now waiting for some sort of announcement from lg.......

7. palmguy

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Come oooooooon smart phone!

5. cornerofthemoon

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I guess it's kinda like a jumbo Touchpad.

6. JerryTime

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Or similar features to the XBOX ONE built directly into the TV.

11. reckless562

Posts: 1153; Member since: Sep 09, 2013

as all TVs and laptops (especilly apple laptops) should be

4. MarkArigayo

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3. Kishin

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I am very curios now!!

2. PapaSmurf

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Long live webOS!

1. zekes

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This was my dream web os here I come :D

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