Watch this ad for the LG Optimus G before it airs in South Korea

Watch this ad for the LG Optimus G before it airs in South Korea
When was the last time that you can remember an LG phone getting such a buzz? The LG Voyager, perhaps?  That featurephone was a wannabe back in the days when any touchscreen model with a roughly 3 inch screen could be an "iPhone killer". This time, the buzz is more global and isn't misguided. The LG Optimus G has been cleverly and carefully constructed using new features developed by LG's own subsidiaries. It's a great idea and allows LG to have the whole company involved in making parts for the phone. Not only should this help bring down the costs of developing the phone (and thus the retail price), it also assures LG that it will have necessary parts when needed.

As commercials go, let's just say that this spot could have used a barista or two and there seems to be nothing that really lets the world know what the LG Optimus G has in the way of specs. That is unless a man playing guitar underwater is the international sign for a quad-core processor.

With the buzz that the LG Optimus G has been able to amass, it will be interesting to see if LG has the international hit on its hands that it has been yearning for.

source: LG via Engadget

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