Watch the LG V30 take on a $50,000 RED Weapon professional camera

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LG touts its seasonal V30 flagship as a videographer's dream and powerhouse, even including 4K footage editing options that have been outside the realm of Android handsets so far, under the banner of Cine Video, which is the broader suite of functions offered for video recording on the V30. These include Point and Zoom, which locks focus on a specific part of the screen and allows the user to zoom in on it smoothly; Cine Effect, which contains 15 different movie-genre-inspired filters to film with; Cine Log, which facilitates easy editing in programs like Adobe Premiere; and Video Studio, an on-board editing software which allows you to work with multiple photos and videos, as well as add after-effects to your mobile masterpiece.

How would all that jazz fare when pitted against what is probably the best professional video camera at the moment - RED's $50, 000 Weapon rig that can shoot 8K without a hitch? Well, someone took a V30 from LG, and embarked on the quest to find out, recreating the famous Walter Mitty Longboard Scene for the action in it. To eliminate bias, they taped a V30 on top of the rig, and shot with both kits hooked to a drone simultaneously, and you can see the results above. 

Needless to say, the level of resolved detail and the dynamic range captured by RED's camera are better, yet the V30 isn't far behind when it comes to punchier colors (which can be a good or a bad thing, depending on which shutterbug you ask), or smoothness of the resulting footage. What do you think?

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