WP7 devices sell out, Orange offers a discount for waiting

WP7 devices sell out, Orange offers a discount for waiting
We've been reporting that Windows Phone 7 devices are flying off the shelves, and pre-orders are at their limit. Now, Orange is completely sold out of their WP7 supply. They are apparently offering a £20 (US$32) discount for frustrated customers waiting for their devices.

Sources say that the shortage of the Samsung Omnia 7 is due to a lack of AMOLED screens. HTC, on the other hand, is dealing with some software hiccups that might be delaying further product shipments.

Carriers are surely frustrated, fearing that excited WP7 fans will lose interest if they have to wait too long. This is particularly problematic if the delays continue into mid-November, when all of the exciting holiday releases are available.

The carriers shouldn't be too concerned about upsetting their corporate clientele. An analyst at Pund-IT said that "For business-centric devices like Phone 7 phones, a delay of a week or three seems a minor blip... it's unlikely that many executives go weeping to bed if they don't get their new smartphones in a timely manner."

Although the devices will be restocked soon, customers may well move on to other devices. Especially those interested in the iPhone 4 might lose interest if WP7 stock isn't refreshed quickly.

source: Reg Hardware

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