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WP7 Root Tools 0.9 close to a release

Posted: , by Charlene S.

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WP7 Root Tools 0.9 close to a release
WP7 Root Tools 0.9 close to a release
Windows Phone hacker, Heathcliff74, took to Twitter and XDA-Developers today to announce that he is close to releasing the latest version of WP7 Root Tools.

In this version, Healthcliff74 is adding the ability to mark an app as “trusted”, effectively granting that app root access. He says the reasoning behind this is so that potential malware on the device would not also have unrestricted access. He likens the “trusted” toggle to that of an interactive firewall.

WP7 Root Tools 0.9 close to a release
WP7 Root Tools 0.9 should support the following devices if they are Interop Unlocked:

•    Samsung 1st generation
•    Samsung 2nd generation
•    LG
•    HTC 1st generation with Mango v1 drivers
•    HTC 1st generation with custom unlocked roms

Heathcliff74 says he is working on support for additional devices, but makes no promises. He did not offer a specific release date, but did post a teaser screen capture of the 0.9 alpha, so it appears that a release will occur shortly.

source: XDA-Developers via WPCentral

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posted on 20 Feb 2012, 00:43

1. W.P._Android_in_that_Order (Posts: 208; Member since: 15 Feb 2012)

Thats interesting. I didnt realize that you could root windows phones.

posted on 20 Feb 2012, 01:53

2. RazaAsad (Posts: 100; Member since: 24 Nov 2011)

All the readers and contributors on PA, is there any chance that WP will support bluetooth file transfer and file management in future? May be with Apollo or later? Any one on PA knows anything about that? I will appreciate your comments. Thanks in anticipation.

posted on 20 Feb 2012, 08:08

3. Schmao (Posts: 365; Member since: 05 Jul 2009)

There is a chance, however slim. Microsoft doesn't want you to be able to get music that easily; thus, they created Zune Marketplace, where you can spend your money for music.

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