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WM 6.1 for AT&T’s Tilt and VZW’s XV6800

WM 6.1 for AT&T’s Tilt and VZW’s XV6800
Two of the greatest Windows Mobile Professional phones offered by American carriers now receive upgrade to the 6.1 version of the OS. It brings the standard benefits, such as threaded messaging, OneNote added to the office, improved (still not great) Internet Explorer and slightly better optimization.

AT&T Tilt will also receive HTC Home plug-in, video share calling and option to assign a button for PTT. Verizon Wireless XV6800, unfortunately, remains with locked GPS that cannot be used by the user.

AT&T Tilt Specifications | Review
Verizon Wireless XV6800 Specifications | Review

source: HTC (Tilt) and UTStarcom (XV6800) via BGR

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posted on 20 Oct 2010, 01:42

1. (unregistered)

Sounds great. Where can I upgrade the 6800? In the store? .cab file? I dont think over the air.

posted on 27 Aug 2008, 10:43

2. (unregistered)

for pda's the upgrades are never in the store for verizon its always through the web site or through ut starcoms website

posted on 27 Aug 2008, 11:37

3. (unregistered)

would this also be on the windows mobile website? or just UTStarcoms?

posted on 27 Aug 2008, 12:26

4. (unregistered)

ewwwwwwww verizon has some kinda cool phones but like ... they ruin them all by putting in their own crappy interface ... and windows mobile on top of that ... -shudder-

posted on 27 Aug 2008, 15:20

5. (unregistered)

Well. Just updated my ROM for the XV6800 and VZ Navigator works great. So Big Red locked 3rd party GPS out but VZ Navigator is a go. Go to UTStarcoms site for the update.

posted on 27 Aug 2008, 15:46

6. (unregistered)

HEY! could someone send the link to d/l the update for XV6800 pleaseeeeeee? thnx!

posted on 27 Aug 2008, 16:30

7. anon (unregistered)

You know what, I don't think anyone's EVER said that before. Ever. Thanks for yor unique insight.

posted on 27 Aug 2008, 18:14

8. PaulBoutin (unregistered)

D/L for VZW XV6800 (WM 6.1):http://handsets.utstar.com/phone_downloads.aspx?bid=89&cid=1&mid=287&carrier=Verizon%20Wireless

posted on 28 Aug 2008, 10:37

9. (unregistered)

Very easy upgrade takes about 10 minutes. Its nice also having Remote Desktop Mobile straight form Microsoft. Now If I just knew how to use it. Some annoying syncing issues at first where it would disconnect after a few minutes but seem to have gone away.

posted on 29 Aug 2008, 08:57

10. (unregistered)

I completed the update for the xv6800 and had some trouble with the phone reprogramming to make calls. I could receive text/email, but nothing outgoing. I could also not make/receive any calls. I had to take the phone to verizon to have them troubleshoot and fix it in their system. It was a pain, but hopefully that is taken care of now. I have experienced a little trouble with 3rd party software locking up the device and had to do a hard reset the next day. threaded msg is cool as is the task manager on the screen like the xv6900. I have also noticed faster downloads with EVDO REV-A. sucks there is no gps...

posted on 29 Aug 2008, 20:51

11. (unregistered)

I tried to update to 6.1 and now my phone is completely unusable. It just has these red, blue, and green bars here on the screen and the update refuses to install because of it. I did EVERYTHING the Read Me file said to do. UT Starcom is totally useless. HTC's site doesn't even have the phone on their site. Thank you Verizon ... thank you for absolutely NOTHING.

posted on 29 Aug 2008, 23:12

12. Skipo (unregistered)

Has anyone tried this using bluetooth. My USB hardware connection is shot on my 6800 which has been fine since I use bluetooth anyway but sure would like to upgrade to 6.1

posted on 30 Sep 2008, 20:27

13. (unregistered)

Problems upgrading Mobile 6.1. 10% into the download I get a 328 connection error. System is now locked in the Red/Green/Blue/White screen which I'll call the boot loader . The phone I'm trying to upgrade is brand new received from verizon 1 hour. Does anyone know hot to get out of this boot loader mode and back to the normal window Mobile 6 screen?

posted on 01 Oct 2008, 12:25

14. (unregistered)

Was finally able to upload Windows Mobile 6.1 -- Had to do it from a Windows XP Pro PC. Also found out that if you crash during the install... Disconnect USB, Hold down Power & Camera button and then press the reset button on the bottom of the phone. Phone will shut off and then back on into the same RED/Green/Blue/White screen. Reconnect USB cable - Active Sync won't show device as connected but should see the USB rather than serial on screen. Re - run Upgrade software....

posted on 13 Nov 2008, 14:57

15. Louis (unregistered)

This worked like a champ! So much nicer then my old WMOS.

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