WIND's BlackBerry Bold 9700 & Curve 9300 are upgraded to OS 6

WIND's BlackBerry Bold 9700 & Curve 9300 are upgraded to OS 6
WIND customers sporting either the BlackBerry Bold 9700 or the Curve 9300 (Curve 3G) are in for a special surprise because they’ve been given the green lights for BlackBerry OS 6.

Now available for the taking, the software upgrade for both handsets will splash some modern flavor that comes along with OS 6. Naturally, there is a tighter integration with social networking in play with the platform, but we’re sure there are many aspects about it that will excite owners. Interestingly, it’s still rare to find other BlackBerry Bold 9700 handsets getting the treatment to OS 6 – but still, we can only hope at this point.

As for BlackBerry Pearl 9100 owners on WIND, you’ll have to suffer through another few weeks before the update is available – still, it’s better than not seeing it at all right?

source: MobileSyrup

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Bold 9700
  • Display 2.4" 480 x 360 pixels
  • Camera 3.2 MP
  • Battery 1500 mAh(5.00h 3G talk time)
Curve 3G
  • Display 2.4" 320 x 240 pixels
  • Camera 2 MP
  • Battery 1150 mAh(5.50h 3G talk time)



1. Shafeer

Posts: 79; Member since: Dec 30, 2010

Not really interested in BB. Windows Phone are conquering.

2. BobbyTaba

Posts: 316; Member since: Aug 11, 2010

You mean android and ios are conquering. Windows Phone aint anything yet.

3. Das70

Posts: 124; Member since: Jan 05, 2011

So why did you reply to this article you ponce.LOL

4. canadiandave unregistered

Well...I've been thru about a dozen mobile phones since their 'proper' inception in the late 80s / early '90s, this isn't my 1st smart phone, that was the i Phone which went back as vodaphone's coverage died as soon as i got back from town and i couldn't get a signal, bit of a wait, bought my son and 8520 for Xmas and then myself a 9300 three week ago...AND I ADORE IT !! yeah the screen could be bigger for browsing, and I think that is my only gripe, but a bigger screen would ruin the curve, and it suits me like a dream as it is! I've read that many pro or/and con reviews I've given up, if you care:my verdict is 10/10 !! Everything I ask it to do it does and well, £160 on PAYGo is a fair slice of cash but worth it, just DON'T buy from Phones 4U, they re very pretty, their makeup is flawless, but they can t set up a phone plan for u to save their lives, had to do it myself with t mobile (£10 top up per month= free texts the next month, free 6 months Internet (=free BBM !) and so £10 of calls (not the cheapest per min but ok ish) OR>> top up £10 a month, spend £5 for net for the month, end up with free texts and £5 for calls (BBM obviously included in that) OS6 is a must do, it's free (WHAT ?? something for free ?!) and, surprisingly few apps you'll actually use ( crunch sms, just prettier, Opera Mini=faster,Quickpull = saves case wear and tear (depends on type of case of course) and time (disable the twitter option or drive people mad every time u use it) Complaints : (wrong in my eyes) are short battery life (just what I d expect no probs there, much the same as any other, just plug the damn thing in at night !) and to be honest the rest are too small to bother to mention, every phone can be run down if you waste enuf time looking for faults, just like my spelling :) Pros : all of the above, or try an i Phone/Galaxy/30 other choices ; maybe a BBery just DOESN'T suit you. To those that it does suit it can't be beaten, unless u spend more money on a higher end model (512 mgs apposed to 256 is attractive) but that's a personal budget matter not what we're on about here. AND one thing I do love is when/if something kicks up with you're kids' phone you should have been able,by then, to know how to fix it if it can be fixed, handle their back ups and get them back in touch with their friends before they're disowned :) because kids DO LOVE the BBs no mistake, even if just for the BBM and my kid is just a little more important than my choice of phone, just MHO. Just buy one, I would again in a heartbeat :) David

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