Vine co-founder says he'll soon start working on a follow-up, but calls it "outside project"


Vine, the popular app that was bought by Twitter back in 2012 and shut down earlier this year, is likely to have a follow-up at some point. Former Vine co-founder and CEO Dom Hofmann has decided to revive the app in some form that will make it more appealing than the now-defunct Vine app.

Hofmann recently tweeted about his plans to work on a follow-up to Vine, but said he does not want to share more details on the matter. He did say that he will fund it himself as an “outside project,” since he's already involved in another exciting project, a startup called Interspace.

However, Vine fans should be moderately excited since Hofmann is quite busy with his work at Interspace and it will probably take some time until something worthy comes out of this.

Let's just think of it as a possibility rather than a certainty, although Hofmann is probably going to pour some serious work into it since he's funding the project with his own money. He also promised more details as the project develops, so we're waiting for that too.

source: Business Insider, Dom Hofmann (Twitter)

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