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Video shows the exact moment that the Lenovo Moto brand died


Last week, we told you that Lenovo has decided to pull off a 180-degree change and that the Motorola name, expected to be phased out with the use of the Lenovo brand, will instead be coming back stronger than ever. The Motorola executive responsible for these comments was Motorola's chief marketing officer Jan Huckfeldt. Well, as luck would have it, Huckfeldt was given the job of introducing the Moto Z2 Play last week in Brazil.

During the introduction of the second-generation handset, you can see the Motorola brand and logo displayed prominently on a big screen placed on the stage in front of the audience. Huckfeldt at first describes how the Motorola brand remains popular in Brazil. Starting at about the 1:00 mark on the video, he starts talking about the different brands that Lenovo could use for the Moto line. "When it comes to brand building, the first thing you need to get right are the fundamentals," Huckfeldt says.

After talking about a brand's DNA and history, he says that "you have to leverage the brand's assets." And that brings up the moment of truth. "And I'm very happy to confirm to you that we are all in and fully focused on...Motorola."

So there it is. Confirmation from a Motorola executive that the historic brand, the name found on the very first cell phone, the Motorola RAZR and on the Motorola DROID, will live on as the major brand name used for Lenovo's smartphones going forward.

Check out the death of the Lenovo Moto name by clicking on the video at the top of this story.

source: MotorolaFans
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