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Video shows Starbucks app for Android in action

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Video shows Starbucks app for Android in action
Just Tuesday we reported that Starbucks had finally released its app for Android flavored handsets. We mentioned how the app can turn your handset screen into the barcode on your Starbucks card and get scanned at the register to pay for your cup of Joe. We also told you some other features of the app, including the ability to help you find a specific Starbucks location via Google Maps. You can also track the number of stars you have in Starbucks' reward game.

Just in case your left brain is a little tired and needs a break, Starbucks shot a little video showing your right brain a video clip of what the Starbucks app can do for you. Now that both sides of your brain understand the rewards of using the Starbucks app on your smartphone, why not give your brain a little jolt of caffeine; simply pick up your Android or Apple iPhone, head over to the nearest Starbucks location and let the coffee retailer's app do its thing.

source: YouTube via AndroidCentral

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