Verizon's chief executive acknowledges rumors about existence of a CDMA iPhone

Verizon's chief executive acknowledgs rumors about existence of a CDMA iPhone
Verizon customers can surely taste the smell of the thought of Big Red getting a small surprise with a CDMA version of the iPhone in the near future. Customer have longed wondered when will the number one wireless carrier in the country will finally see an iPhone grace their lineup. Verizon's chief executive, Ivan Seidenberg, recently spoke to the Council on Foreign Relations where he let out some interesting news surrounding all the hype about a potential iPhone. First and foremost, he has acknowledged the rumors surrounding Verizon getting a version of the iPhone by the fall, but would not go into any additional detail about confirming it or denying its truth. Secondly, he was keen on actually seeing a 4G capable version, but said that the ultimate decision will be left to Apple seeing that their LTE network won't go live until the middle of this year. Finally, it goes to show that there are some active talks between the two companies as both are probably taking the necessary steps to come to a finalized deal. Even though the launch of Android has spurred some spectacular sales with Verizon, one would think that they are less pressured to openly accept Apple in the recent months – but there is no denying what kind of financial fortunes that could await both companies if a deal does go through.

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