Verizon's Nexus One is to be sold online only - Sense UI on board as well?

Verizon's Nexus One is to be sold online only - Sense UI on board as well?
Although there were some rumors about the potential of Verizon's version of the Nexus One being sold in retail stores, the end result is nothing short of surprising – it's confirmed to be sold through Google's online store. There would definitely be some shake ups happening if Google allowed the smartphone to be sold in Verizon stores – throwing T-Mobile under the bus if that obviously occurred. Competition will be no different now that both the T-Mobile and Verizon versions will be offered at the same place –  except for one surprise that may change things. One thing that did stand out on Verizon's Equipment Guide page for the Nexus One is that it'll have the Sense UI on board – something that clearly raises an eyebrow. One would have to ask whether or not that one major inclusion would sway the tidings in Big Red's favor – especially when you consider the relatively uniform execution Google has been following. Will the T-Mobile version of the Nexus One see the light of the Sense UI or would they offer an update down the road to get it? If the Verizon Nexus One will indeed have Sense loaded on, it would really throw a bump in the road and could place the favor in one handset over the other.

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source: Android Central

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