Verizon slices Palm Pre Plus to $29.99, matches Pixi Plus at that price

Verizon slices Palm Pre Plus to $29.99, matches Pixi Plus at that price
With the top end of Verizon's smartphone line-up expanded by last week's launch of the HTC Droid Incredible, the carrier needed to make room for the higher margin product. To do that, Big Red is pricing the Palm Pre Plus to move by cutting the webOS handset to $29.99 with a 2 year contract. Hard to believe that the Pre was once considered a worthy challenger to Apple's iPhone. At the new price,Verizon has priced both Palm webOS devices at the same $29.99 figure that the Pixi Plus has previously been lowered to. Next for the pair of Palm phones is AT&T. As we reported just the other day, the carrier's retail stores are beginning to get Pre Plus "dummies" sent to the stores in advance of its GSM launch in the States. Verizon's price tuning of the the Pre Plus can't help AT&T in that regard.

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source: Verizon, Precentral

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1. rjt185

Posts: 257; Member since: Jun 11, 2009

Way to undercut AT&T. lol

2. ace1122

Posts: 237; Member since: Mar 23, 2009

Does this mean the phone isn't selling well? Or are they just trying to be the carrier with the cheapest price for this phone? Or perhaps both?

4. vzwservesmewell

Posts: 29; Member since: May 05, 2010

Ace, I'd say there are a number of factors. First, Palm has put their butt on the line by investing so much in these 2 phones that their company's success was tied to the phone's success (You know how that turned out). Secondly, their supply for VZW (and possibly other carriers) is soooo high compared with demand hence natural economics imply the prices need to fall if they're going to sell the over produced inventory, and finally I'd say the Palm pre/pixi plus has become white noise in the midst of Android's big splash. Not under cutting ATT. If you have Verizon, don't already have a smart phone, and have not upgraded in the past 6 months it's likely Verizon will approve an early upgrade to a Palm device Only! That means if you upgrade 7 months ago, you can do it again to a Palm. That's how bad they want to get rid of them...

3. rwolf1984

Posts: 536; Member since: Jun 06, 2009

The Palm devices have had major cuts every month...with the horrible launch on Sprint and marketing campaign and pressure from Android and BB there is no doubt that these arent selling. Palm has to liquidate this stock. Hopefully with HP's cash they can rejuvenate the brand, the OS and develop better hardware and a tablet. HP's doing some really things with there laptops tons of cool features u'll only find on an HP.

5. XxxMich3113xxX

Posts: 13; Member since: Jan 30, 2010

I am a droid owner, but I sell this phone, it is actually pretty damn amazing, great price too!

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