Verizon reaches insane 953 Mbps download speeds outside the lab, tells T-Mobile 'eat crow'


While 1Gbps+ download speeds aren't technically 5G, you can rest assured that carriers may try and brand them as such, that is why the news that Verizon has hit the whopping 953 Mbps outside the lab with real-life equipment in Boca Raton, Florida, is quite significant. Despite that a tad higher speeds have been achieved in synthetic lab setups, including by T-Mobile, this is the fastest network speed hit in a real-world network environment, and Verizon's chief wireless network officer didn't hesitate to boast a bit:

Moreover, even though Verizon managed to pull this off only be engaging all of its network add-ons - cell site, hardware, software and backhaul - on a licensed and unlicensed spectrum combo, and with four carrier aggregation, it still told T-Mobile "eat crow" in the elegant tweet you see above. The Un-carrier has been bragging around with OpenSignal's Q2 awards for speed and reliability, so Verizon now has a nice counter to engage when tests say its average network speed has fallen down since the introduction of unlimited data plans.

source: Verizon via FierceWireless

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