Verizon gives customers 45 days to opt out of personal data sharing

Verizon gives customers 45 days to opt out of personal data sharing
Some Verizon Wireless customers are receiving a letter from the carrier that says Big Red will be sharing some of their personal information unless they opt out within 45 days. The data includes things like the calls  made and received (considered services that you purchased from Verizon), billing and technical information. The carrier says it will not share this info with just anyone, only "affiliates, agents and parent companies". At any rate, you can send in your return letter opting out of sharing data. But what about those who are on the paperless statement program? In theory, you can go online to the Verizon web site and, under "My Documents", head to Customer Proprietary Network Information Notice and click on the link. But that is "in theory", because Verizon has made the link "Not Available". Whether you have received the letter or you have a paperless account, a phone call to your friendly Verizon Wireless representative might be in order if you want to opt out of the data sharing plan, just to make sure your choice is registered correctly.

source: ReadWriteWeb via BGR

Verizon gives customers 45 days to opt out of personal data sharing



1. nick315

Posts: 17; Member since: Feb 27, 2009

will this be terms for cancelling your contract without an ETF?

5. PapaJay224

Posts: 866; Member since: Feb 08, 2009

No sir, the only Info or "Affiliats" we will share with are Qwest and Verizon, and its only for savings and Single billing enrollment options, but since we send Txt's and call the Primary phone user, customers are getting there fruit of the looms all in a bunch...Who wants to save money? Everyone. Who wants to be called to save money? Noone. Who is responsible for making the changes to save money? YOU ARE! How many people actually take the time to review the account? NOONE! Hence the letter...So my deepest goes out to those who wine about coorperations who steal from customers, While Verizon all this time has been trying to help.

2. heavybreathing

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The US Patriot Act: Now coming to Verizon!

3. Vitamins4022 unregistered

that is scary! "affiliates, agents and parent companies" can be anybody! Allowing this to happen would be allowing telemarketers to call your cell phone legally! Yuck!!

4. Fan_of_Fanboys

Posts: 101; Member since: Nov 13, 2008

No it is not terms to cancel w/o ETF b/c they give you option to opt-out. pay the etf if life is so bad. and this is OLD news. Like 2007 old. And here is how AT&T and Sprint handled this same situation: Verizon Wireless is not the first company to be tripped up by the response to these notices. Sprint Nextel Corp. (S) was subject to the same misunderstanding in January, after it started sending out notices. And, when the long-distance arm of AT&T was sending out such notices along with its bills last year and twice ran out, in April and May, it mistakenly counted almost 11,000 customers who had not received notices as having been given the chance to opt out. AT&T agreed to settle the FCC's investigation into the matter for $350,000. Here is a link from HoFo with the info: And for your cheap morons if you actually read it is not selling specific info. Just general info like "A user in city, state used X amount of data" not "Nick315 watched 4 hours of porn at heavybreathing's house"

6. Legion

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7. smimi15

Posts: 21; Member since: Apr 05, 2008

Usually I findy Legion's comments and Fan_of_Fanboys' comments kind of insulting... but that last statment. Wow. Almost peed my pants laughing. Lol.

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