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Verizon announced couple of TV phones

Rumors for this have been circling around for a while, but the V CAST Mobile TV is finally out! Verizon announced today that this service will be available on 2 phones - the LG VX-9400 and the SCH-U620. Services like this have been available for a long time on the Asian markets and now we can stop being jealous and start enjoying mobile TV. This service is actually based on MediaFLO - a streaming protocol that allows a carrier to broadcast to many subscribers simultaneously by letting the subscriber grab a stream that is already in progress and any user can instantly start watching.

The new LG VX9400 is a slim phone with swing bar design and features large 2.2" color LCD screen. It is a surprise that its camera is 1.3 megapixel only, because most new phones have 2 or even 3 megapixel ones. The device has many features known to Verizon customers, like V CAST Music, V CAST Video and 3D games, Get It Now And Mobile Web 2.0 capable and many more. It is dual-band CDMA digital only phone.

The Samsung SCH-U620 also has 1.3 megapihel camera, Bluetooth, and has the V CAST Music, V CAST Video and 3D gaming, Mobile Web 2.0 and Get It Now applicastions as well. The screen is 2" QVGA 240 x 320 LCD. Here are some of its other features - Camcorder with MMS or full-length capabilities, Micro SD memory card slot, file viewer and advanced speech recognition.

Overall both phones have similar features and same great new V CAST Mobile TV service, so it is only a matter of preference, which one would you choose?

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