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VR edition Vernee Apollo is up for preorder with 2K display and deca-core Helio X25 for a fine price

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After taking us to the Red Planet before NASA with the value-for-money Vernee Mars and Vernee Apollo Lite handsets, the company is back over the moon with its newest Apollo edition that is aimed at virtual reality aficionados. It keeps the affordable price tag of its predecessors, but employs specs and chassis upgrades worthy for an end-of-2016 smartphone.

The new Vernee Apollo is housed in a sand-blasted aluminum shell with diamond cut edges that is smaller than that of your average 5.5-incher, though a tad thicker and heavier. It has all the prerequisites of a modern midranger, such as a fast finger scanner, a USB-C port and fast charging system, yet tops them off with some flagship sprinkles like Quad HD display resolution, deca-core chipset, 4 GB RAM/64 GB storage, and a 21 MP camera with Sony sensor, rapid phase-detection autofocus, and 4K video abilities. 

The 3180 mAh battery should keep the phone humming through the day, and can be juiced up quickly (for about 30 minutes) to 50% charge. On the software side, the phone ships with a lightly skinned Marshmallow, which stock Android fans will appreciate.

That makes for an interesting mix at the requested $299 MSRP already, but Vernee hasn't stopped here, and prepped the new Apollo for the VR era by accompanying it with a virtual reality set in the box. Yep, besides a fine phone, at this price you get a VR head gear to soak in everything the virtual universe has to currently offer - from Google's walks in a dinosaur museum, to watching the latest Assassin's Creed VR movie. 

A 2K screen seems to be the minimum to enjoy passable VR content these days, so we are glad that Vernee isn't skimping on screen resolution, and still dubbing the phone "VR-ready," as some makers do. The new Vernee Apollo and the VR set can be preordered right now, with shipping starting in mid-December. 

At the moment, Gearbest even has a promo that takes the price down to $249.99, though there aren't many of those units to go around, so you'd better hurry up if you want to score a fine handset to usher you in the virtual reality universe, without inflicting unnecessary damage on your gadget budget.

source: Vernee
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