Update to Microsoft Edge Browser app for iOS and Android exterminates several bugs

Last month, Microsoft made the Edge Browser available for both iOS and Android devices. Since then, Microsoft rolled out an update that allows you to sync your passwords. You can browse seamlessly using Edge on your PC and on your mobile devices. Now, another new update has been pushed out and it reportedly will solve some major issues such as the battery drain that the app was causing. Besides being an energy hog, using the Edge app tended to make the phone run hot, a trait that the new update will remove.

Other improvements were made, allowing you to more easily swipe between pages. Following the update, users can now add a Dark Theme and customize the look of the web pages rendered by the app.

When we first installed the Edge app on our Moto Z Force Droid last month, we found several of the issues that users had been complaining of, including a very severe battery drain. The phone became so hot when the app was in use, that you could fry an egg on it. We had to uninstall the app and have just installed it again, hopeful that the issues have been fixed. In many other respects, we loved the Edge Browser as it was buttery smooth and fast.

Check out the Microsoft Edge Browser app for yourself. Sign up to receive the app for iOS or Android by clicking on the sourcelink.

source: MicrosoftEdgePreview via MSPoweruser

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