Update adds new features to Android version of WhatsApp

Update adds new features to Android version of WhatsApp
Messaging app WhatsApp has a new update for Android users.You can format text by flanking a particular word with a specific symbol. Put an asterisk around a word to make it show up as *Bold*. To use strikethrough, surround a word with an underscore like _this_. And for italics, put the word in between a tilde. For example, to italicize the word phone, it would look like this: ~phone~. The update will also allow you to respond to a message from your notification panel using Quick Replies.

Other new capabilities include an improved method that enables you to quickly start, mute and delete multiple chats. Each chat can now be easily identified by the solid color that you assign to it, and a new Quick Camera button pops up in chats, allowing you to  choose a picture or video from your camera roll.

The update should be available from the Google Play Store by now. You can check it out by opening the Play Store app, tapping on the hamburger menu on the left, and clicking on My apps. Scroll down to WhatsApp to see if the latest version has been bestowed upon you. And if you don't yet have the app on your phone, you can download and install it now, assuming that your device is running on Android 2.1 or higher.

source: WhatsApp (Android|iOS|Windows) via  SlashGear

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