Upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note tablet may be dual-boot with Android and Windows RT

Upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note tablet may be dual-boot with Android and Windows RT
Last week, we heard a rumor that HTC might be looking into dual-boot devices that run both Android and Windows Phone. The surprising part of the rumor was that it seemed Microsoft may have suggested the idea to HTC as a way to boost Windows Phone visibility. Today, a new rumor has emerged that says Microsoft may not be targeting HTC for this effort, but that the company from Redmond may have also asked Samsung and Huawei to do the same.

The report claims that just as with HTC, Microsoft has offered to waive licensing fees when asking Samsung and Huawei to build dual-boot devices; but, unlike with HTC, Microsoft may have asked the companies to not only build Android/Windows Phone handsets, but tablets as well. Unfortunately, the rumor doesn't say that Microsoft has been asking to get Samsung and Huawei tablets that are dual-boot Android and Windows 8, which consumers might actually want. Instead, the rumor has it that Microsoft is pushing for Android and Windows RT dual-boot tablets. We're not too sure how many users would want that, but maybe the idea is to get Windows RT into more hands and maybe give developers more incentive to support Microsoft's middle-child platform. 

The rumor goes on to assert that Microsoft hasn't just asked, but Samsung has answered. Supposedly, Samsung has agreed to make its upcoming Galaxy Note 12.2-inch tablet a dual-boot system running both Android and Windows RT. Of course, if you remember, one of the big annoyances with Windows RT was that the system could take up somewhere around 16GB of space on a device. Combine that with Samsung's TouchWiz heavy Android (which has been measured at around 10GB), and a 32GB tablet would be left with about 6GB of usable space. 

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