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Unlocked Samsung ATIV S units are receiving the GDR2 update

Unlocked Samsung ATIV S units are receiving the GDR2 update
Judging from a screenshot of an unlocked Samsung ATIV S handset, it appears as though the unlocked version of the Sammy bred Windows Phone 8 flavored handset is receiving the GDR2 Windows Phone update on Tuesday. The update brings Data Sense to the phone. This feature, originally found only on Windows Phone models sold by Verizon, allows you to view how much data you've consumed. It will also tell you which apps on your phone are chomping away on the most data. The update also brings an FM Radio to the phone, which can be played by plugging in a pair of earphones. Those in Germany who are installing the update have not received Data Sense or the FM Radio for some unknown reason.

GDR2 (for General Distribution Release 2) also adds stability to VoIP apps like Skype and improves HTML5 compatibility in the IE browser. And when you press the physical camera button, your favorite lens opens automatically. The GDR 2 update will be sent out to all Windows Phone 8 devices except for the Nokia Lumia 925. It's not that Microsoft doesn't want owners of that model to have the latest features, it just so happens that the Nokia Lumia 925 comes out of the box with the GDR2 update pre-installed.

Windows Phone fans will be looking forward to the GDR3 update later this year. That update will set the stage for 5-6 inch screens on Windows Phone models, will allow for 1080 x 1920 FHD resolution on screens, and supports quad-core processors. But for now, watch for the GDR2 update if you are the proud owner of an unlocked Samsung ATIV S owner. If it did arrive, be a pal and let us know what you think.

source: WParea.de (translated) via WPCentral
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