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  • Unannounced Sony Xperia E4 shows up, thin bezels included

Unannounced Sony Xperia E4 shows up, thin bezels included

Posted: , by Florin T.

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Unannounced Sony Xperia E4 shows up, thin bezels included
Launched in September in some markets, Sony’s Xperia E3 will soon have a successor reportedly called Xperia E4.

Polish website Teleguru today posted several photos of the alleged Xperia E4, revealing a handset with a design that seems a bit unusual for Sony. The new Xperia has pretty thin bezels (unlike the E3), and rounded corners. Even so, it’s likely larger than the E3, as it sports a 5-inch display with 540 x 960 pixels instead of the 4.5-inch, 480 x 854 pixels panel of the older smartphone. Other expected features include a quad-core 1.3 GHz MediaTek MT6582 processor, 1 GB of RAM, and Android 4.4 KitKat.

The Xperia E4 that’s been photographed - you can see it in the slideshow below - is a single SIM device (E2105), but a dual SIM model (E2115) should also exist.

It’s said that Sony will announce the Xperia E4 at MWC 2015 in early March, with the intention of releasing it later that month. The smartphone could cost around $200, and should be updated to Android 5.0 Lollipop not long after launch. Take a look at the handset and let us know if you like what you're seeing:

source: Teleguru (translated) via Xperia Blog

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posted on 12 Dec 2014, 13:15 7

1. DogeShibe (Posts: 1116; Member since: 10 Jan 2014)

And they wonder why their products doesn't makes them profit.

posted on 12 Dec 2014, 13:37 4

3. PapaSmurf (Posts: 10457; Member since: 14 May 2012)

They just released the E3 and now the E4 is in the rounds. Leave it to Sony to make customers angry with their release cycle.

posted on 12 Dec 2014, 16:49

7. Mxyzptlk (unregistered)

They're worse than samesung

posted on 12 Dec 2014, 17:50 2

10. John2014 (Posts: 43; Member since: 14 Jan 2014)

I don't think so.

posted on 13 Dec 2014, 01:00

17. lalalaman (Posts: 637; Member since: 19 Aug 2013)

thats not the thing...their specs are ridiculous that no on want to buy their phones...even worse they prices are higher than normal...e.g. Moto G and Xperia E3 had almost the same price even though moto G is a superior phone in terms of specs and performance

posted on 12 Dec 2014, 13:30 9

2. Lt.Green (Posts: 397; Member since: 13 Mar 2014)

Design looks promising. Specs, not so much.

posted on 12 Dec 2014, 18:37

11. Settings (Posts: 2331; Member since: 02 Jul 2014)

Expect it. Xperia E series are low end.

posted on 12 Dec 2014, 13:55 1

4. leonardke3 (Posts: 9; Member since: 10 Dec 2014)

waste of time

posted on 12 Dec 2014, 14:00 3

5. mostafawael.1998 (Posts: 240; Member since: 01 Oct 2014)

wtf 1 GB RAM?
isn't it a bit old?
Galaxy A series and E series seems like a better deal for people if they are at equal/near price tag
i am not biased to Sammy but i think that is how it will sound!

posted on 12 Dec 2014, 14:06 1

6. ArtSim98 (Posts: 3535; Member since: 21 Dec 2012)

XD Sony don't even bother to release this s**t :DD

posted on 12 Dec 2014, 16:55

8. Phonedingo (Posts: 397; Member since: 16 Aug 2014)

Mtk processor? Nah.

posted on 12 Dec 2014, 17:09

9. Planterz (Posts: 2110; Member since: 30 Apr 2012)

17800 on Antutu? That's pretty awful.

posted on 12 Dec 2014, 19:07 1

12. pyradark (Posts: 882; Member since: 10 Jun 2012)

with that design, it looks like Z4 is going to be different

posted on 12 Dec 2014, 21:03 1

13. Venkatramanan (Posts: 320; Member since: 15 Aug 2014)

As per sony's design top and bottom bezels normally will be in same size. I think this is fake. I don't see any Sony logo on this photo.

posted on 12 Dec 2014, 21:15

14. romeo1 (Posts: 729; Member since: 06 Jan 2012)

Not so interested in low end phones but the design is interesting.
Wonder if the z4 will look something like it.

posted on 12 Dec 2014, 21:24

15. greenelektron (Posts: 537; Member since: 10 Sep 2014)

Sony really never learns how to price their phones. And this, another soon to be overpriced low end phone. Good luck sony.

posted on 12 Dec 2014, 23:27

16. stonehengemills (Posts: 2; Member since: 12 Dec 2014)

As Wall Street Journal noted in October, Sony gets rave reviews from critics, but doesn't know how to market and distribute its phones. It rarely runs ads, and it doesn't work with carriers (as every other company does, like Samsung and Apple) to carry its products. So, what gives? Why go through the trouble of designing yet another product, sourcing the materials (or in the case of Sony, actually going through the trouble to produce them itself), and then having the phones put together--only to have them sit in warehouses because you refuse to market your own products?

posted on 13 Dec 2014, 01:05

18. mildorzalost (Posts: 143; Member since: 03 Jun 2014)

Those are thin bezels? Wow, hahaha then iPhones and lumias have no bezels at all >_

posted on 13 Dec 2014, 05:04

19. gigi3 (Posts: 32; Member since: 16 Aug 2014)


Where is Sony Logo?

posted on 13 Dec 2014, 07:18

20. geusan (Posts: 137; Member since: 19 Oct 2014)

love the design

posted on 13 Dec 2014, 08:20

21. iLovesarcasm (Posts: 586; Member since: 20 Oct 2014)

Ugly as iPhone 5c.

posted on 13 Dec 2014, 16:58

22. yanish (Posts: 49; Member since: 22 Sep 2014)

Maybe this is what Sony is going to introduce at CES in January.

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