UPDATED:Video shows off Nokia N900's Maemo 5 loveliness

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UPDATED:Video shows off Nokia N900's Maemo 5 loveliness
All the excitement surrounding the N900 makes it one of Nokia's most interesting devices in a long time. Not only is the N900 the first Maemo powered handset, it is expected to be just the first in a series of such phones. There is certainly nothing in the video that will make you desire this device any less. As we recently reported, while the original unit will have radio spectrum compatible with T-Mobile in the U.S., a Nokia employee named Joe replied to a question about possible coverage for AT&T by giving a hint that the N900 could be also heading to AT&T/Rogers. Whatever the truth is, the N900 joins other highly anticipated headsets like the LG BL40, the Sony Ericsson "Rachael" Xperia X3 and the RIM BlackBerry Storm 2 as some of the new models that everyone wants to hear the latest news about.

Nokia N900 Specifications

source: BGR

Remember that letter from Nokia's employee Joe to Alvin that said an announcement was coming that would show that a variant of the N900 was being configured with AT&T/Rogers 3G radio spectrum? Well, the person who posted it in the Nokia Blog just admitted to making up the part of the story that says that the Finnish manufacturer is making a version of the N900 for AT&T/Rogers. We'd say that this guy has a future in politics.

source: BGR


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1. Fair&Balanced

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A crummy 3.5 inch screen after suffering with all that weight and huge dimensions? Why wouldn't a person wait for the 4 inch LG BL40 or Sony Xperia 3 (Rachael) phones?????

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