UPDATED: The Storm is getting closer

UPDATED: The Storm is getting closer
As we previously reported, the Blackberry Storm is getting closer to an official Verizon unveiling slated for Oct 1st, but each day more info is finding its way out. Today the leaked "Talking Points" and "Q&A" documents came to light, giving employees tag-lines to say to customers and comparing the Storm directly to the iPhone. In the end, there's not any info that we didn't already know, such as the clickable touchscreen, HTML browser, microSDHC slot, and 3.2MP camera, but at least it's something to chew on until pricing is revealed.

source: HowardForums and EngadgetMobile

*UPDATED* New Video of "Minute with Mike" on the Storm.
*UPDATE 2*Verizon's Storm site nowactive.



1. VZWREP unregistered

woot woot

46. unregistered

I agree with #46. But I feel like I have to point out prominent things that I saw in the iphone/storm comparison. The said that the iphone has no Stereo bluetooth and no picture messaging. Doesn't everyone know that? almost all phones have picture messaging, removal memory and removal battery (rumors are that iphone is going to get turn-by-turn directions soon). I think that Verizon should focus on stating the revolutionary/great features that the Storm offers and no one else does. A lot of phones offer what the iphone doesn't. If we wanted removal battery, MMS, etc; we could have just gotten the Dare. So far the blackberry thunder looks like any old blackberry phone with a touch screen. My guess is that it is identical to the bold, but with the touch screen, which isn't a bad thing at all since it looks like the bold is going to be a pretty nice phone.

49. unregistered

Seriously, what is so great about the phone other than having a touch screen and being made from blackberry? From the video it looks like the Dare can do exactly the same thing as the Storm can do. I don't see any unique features other than that smart click thing which might be helpful when texting, but isn't all that revolutionary from what I have read and seen.

58. unregistered

Here are some difference between the Storm and the Dare. The Storm can hold much more Calendar, Tasks, etc than the Dare. The screen (not resolution) is bigger. It is Java based. The media player can most likely play mp4, .h264, etc. The touchscreen had an innovative click technology to make it feel more like a phycial keyboard when you type (different that haptic feedback). It is global. it's a Blackberry so there is additional security over BIS, BES, or BDR. You can use Blackberry messenger, so you can IM any Blackberry user regardless if carrier (as long as you know their PIN. It's gonna come with an 8gb micro card (pretty neat perk). Anything else I missed, please forgive me.

59. unregistered

P.S. Please pardon my grammar, after reading the post I notice many errors LOL.

61. iamshawn unregistered

"other than having a touch screen and being made from blackberry" First, that is HUGE. Many people are Blackberry fans but want something with a touchscreen. Second, I understand the Storm will have HVGA display, which is twice the resolution of the Dare. Also, it looks like you can see four lines of text while typing in landscape mode - on the Dare, you can see ONE and that is really annoying to me.

113. unregistered

I have a Dare...and I like it. However, it only takes one statement to describe the difference and I don't know when many of you will begin to understand the difference.... ONE IS A SMARTPHONE AND THE OTHER ISN'T That is all that needs to be said.

115. unregistered

Let me advise you on the difference between a PDA, Smartphone, and Blackberry. A PDA is mainly used for storing data (i.e. Calendar info, appointments, etc.), hence the name Personal Data Assistat. A Smartphone is pretty much a phone with PDA qualities, but is a phone first. A Blackberry is mainly used for email. Granted that these devices can do the same functions, what separates them is classifying their PRIMARY function. So yeah, the Storm is not a Smartphone nor a PDA, it is merely classified as a Blackberry with a touchscreen that seconds as a multimedia beast lol.

2. Sill unregistered

The ease of the scrolling during webpages, looked to be smooth and responsive, this device will definitely be great, too bad employees will have to wait at least half a year to get one on there personal accounts lool

5. VZWREP unregistered

our data master said that all the reps will be getting a "refresh" on their concession line every quater and the two reps with the highest sdp will get the storm. my sdp is always the highest in the store because of my vcast and aircard sales. so im excited for this phone.

12. unregistered

sdp? its D A P C turd, and giving away a month of V Cast for free is not a skill.

24. Anomalies

Posts: 61; Member since: Jun 08, 2008

I have a VZW EMP accoutn and my mom has a consumer account. Guess who I talked into letting me use their NE2 bahaha

25. VZWREP unregistered

acually SDP and DAPC kind of go hand in hand...and the fact that i sell vcast with very very little chargback is a skill because i sell the value. dont be mad because your store is probably last in your district.

32. VZWEmp unregistered

Where did you hear this from? Do you realize the amount of Storms that they will be giving to each Rep with the highest Dapc? You must be thinking of them being advanced certified. Either way if its true then im getting one myself. LOL.

35. VZWREP unregistered

im just repeating what that data master of our region told me directly during a training class

37. unregistered

I'm a sales rep for VZW and you all are retarded. Talking about selling vcast. That's a joke. Try selling real data.

40. unregistered

Your data rep is probably hyping you up to sell more. I bet you won't get anything. why would they waste a phone on you for free when a customer would pay most likely $400 for one. The math doesn't make sense. But keep believing everything mommy tells you. Remember to put your tooth under the pillow and write a list to santa, ok?

50. VZWREP unregistered

whether you think vcast is a joke or not it still affects your sales dollar roll up and you dapc/sdp. i sell everything and my commission check reflects that...getting gross gains is just icing on the cake...multiplier anyone?

65. unregistered

my REGION ( since I am a senior DM ) runs #2 in th nation....we average 29.95 monthly. you know nothing about skill little one, and giving away a free feature involves no skill. sell more air cards than you do phones in a month and I will credit skill behind that.

70. unregistered

My favorite thing is having people come back a month or so after getting a new phone and wonder why they have an extra $15 charge on it. Then I have to explain to them that some of the sales associates are sales hungry and don't even tell a customer when they add a feature on their account just to get their numbers up.

72. unregistered

29.95? lol that nothing... i work for a premium retailer for verizon... ONE store in my region pulls in about 35+...

88. unregistered

no, actually, as 77 pointed out, you are a total douchebag if you are relying on vcast for D A P C(dee dee dee), the only way you arent getting chargebacks is A: They have a voyager/dare/glyde and B: You add it and just dont tell them(sounds bout right)

90. unregistered

i meant to say "or" but you get my point

92. unregistered

ha....indirects are funny. and no you are not getting a free blackberry.

102. VZWREP unregistered

i really dont care what you so called DM's or premiumn retailers think. i got hired to sell and show the value in our products. so thats what im going to do. and for you (a supposed DM) to sit here and not see the value in selling a product that we offer leads me to believe that your district is far from number two or that youre even a DM. youre most likely an ASO

103. unregistered

you know how stupid you people are? talking about who's dapc's higher and what not. get a life. just be happy blackberry is giving verizon the first whack at this awesome phone!

108. unregistered

...you guys are all morons. DAPC this, SDP that...the internet is where retarded people lie and moronic people who I can't believe actually got hired by Big Red. Arguing over DAPC on phonearena.com only makes you guys losers and as a customer, makes me not want to go near vzw. Idiots...

110. unregistered

I KNOW RIGHT! Its like, how can people talk about PHONES on a PHONE WEBSITE. You are the idiot sir. And know im not the dm that was on here earlier. Whos the bigger idiot? The idiot who posts on here or the idiot that responds about how stupid it its to respond?

3. unregistered

i'm debating whether i should wait for this or get the dare...what do you guys think?

4. unregistered

I had the dare for about 2 months and I liked a lot about it. However, the touch isn't nearly as smooth as I would like it to be. In fact, for LGs second attempt since the launch of the iphone, its pathetic. I would hold out for blackberry especially if you need emails and the like.

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