A Storm is coming, but it may not be very good

A Storm is coming, but it may not be very good
An internal Verizon email is promising some "exciting news" for tomorrow, 9.15.08.  All signs point to an announcement of the BlackBerry Storm, which would be launched on 11.1.08.  However, a video has surfaced of a self-proclaimed ninja reviewing the device (along with the HTC Coke- a Pro variant- and the LG Lotus) and he doesn't come away too impressed.  His main gripe is with the button screen; users actually have to press the screen in to select an item.  This means that a simple touch will highlight an item, but the choice is not registered until an actual push is made.  Without seeing it ourselves we tend to agree with him in principle, it would make typing awfully annoying and as he points out could lead to cracked displays.  We'll wait to actually use it to pass judgment though.  The video has of course been pulled from YouTube, but hit the Engadget link to view it.

sources: Engadget Mobile and BGR



1. unregistered

so what will the big news be from big red??

52. unregistered

the launch of the blackberry storm.

2. unregistered

wow you guys are smart, the storm which that idiot "reviewed" was like a pre-alpha test model. Thats been confirmed by insiders

17. unregistered

Wow. This is really interesting. Somebody gave a terrible review of the Blackberry Storm/Thunder, yet Verizon people are still in love with the phone and saying that the ninja guy was dumb and had a test model. But about a month ago, Blackberry announced its smart click (I think that's what it was called) touchscreen. so that means even if it was a test model, people should expect to see the same or very similar functions with the keyboard. When the iphone had a lot of bugs, Verizon people were all over the forum making smart remarks about how much the iphone sucks. But now this guy is saying that the whole touch screen for the Storm sucks. Why are there no people commenting on that? I agree when some people say that the iphone was a little over-hyped. But I think that the storm was really over-hyped. I don't know how credible a guy in ninja suit is, but from what he says, the touch screen sucks. How can a phone with a terrible touch screen kill the iphone when one of the reasons why the iphone is so popular is because of its responsive touchscreen?

34. allboutvzw

Posts: 10; Member since: Apr 10, 2008

Verizon customers and reviewers did trash the iphone when it came out. Key word "when it came out", not a tester phone. Duh, tester phones are suppose to have issues. The phone isn't even in production, so anyone who reviewed based off a stupid guy in a ninja suit who probably doesn't even has his job anymore. I am sure one of his co-workers know him by features.

54. unregistered

Yeah but when you develop a feature that is specifically made for the phone, you don't just remove it after the test model. The phone was built for Blackberry's SmartClick, they can't just take that feature away, its part of the phone's hardware. Test models are the basic structure of what future models will become, adding little things here and there, not removing the MAIN FEATURE of the phone.

3. unregistered

if your right click the image on BGR and try to save it, is has storm in the file name. It's COMING!

11. unregistered

Yeah sherlock, that's because BGR named the picture before posting it, the file in the ACTUAL email sent to VZW employees is named "We've got some exciting news to share..." lol

4. unregistered

reserve all judgements till i get it in my hands and tell you if its "hot or not " :)

20. unregistered

I was uncomfortable moving from verizon to AT&T because of this phone. I didn't want to go buy a phone in AT&T and then have a better phone come in the next few months. But now I am glad I didn't wait for this phone. From the looks of it, this phone is as great as everyone was making it seem.

5. Mike T unregistered

that verizon has an upcoming list of phones to be released with in certain dates starting towards the 15th of september on through may. inlcuding brands LG, HTC, Motorola, Casio (G'Zone), Blackberry, And Samsung

6. unregistered

everyone knows ninjas are not to be trusted!

18. unregistered

you're just saying that because you don't want everybody to thinkk that the supposed "iphone-killer" sucks. If the guy said that the blackberry storm had a superb touchscreen would you still say not to trust him?

7. vzwguyinfl unregistered

that ninja was a retard. the button screen could be very nice if excecuted well. for example, i have an lg dare, and while browsing for ringtones from vzw, if i touch the name of the song, it highlights it, and if i hold it for a sec, it selects it. same thing with the glimmer from altel. this would almost eliminate wrong clicks. and as far as him saying people will break the screen, lets be serious. we are not morons and wont use a hammer to push the screen. ninja is a moron, and thats giving him credit lol. all i can say is wait till it is released. has rim ever made a bad product?

8. unregistered

What i want to know is how are they getting stuff that are sent to VZW employees this was sent to us in a e-mail?

12. unregistered

Because someone ballsy forewarded it to BGR.

9. unregistered

The Diamond is on the Sprint site for sale now, you vzw wasn't going to get one upped

10. unregistered

whats funny is when you get your famous diamond prepare to have software issues with it sprint is known to release a phone just to get it out there first with all the problems :)

26. unregistered

i agree. verizon wireless takes so long to release phones because they refuse to release a phone that they will have future poblems with. verizon may lose some business because of it but it is a way smarter deciosn to make as oppose to sprint who puts out phones half assed

46. unregistered

Then why is the screen on the Glyde as fuctional as an ATM touch screen? On a good day it only takes pressing the screen three times for it to realize you selected somehting. You know they just need the extra time to block any and all GPS fuctionalty and strip down the RAM and processer.

48. unregistered

Like the Glyde?

13. avimobile24 unregistered

whats the Big NEWs man I want this phone !! LOL I heard the ninja lost his job at rimm

47. unregistered

He does not work for RIM. He works for Yahoo!

14. vzw fanboy unregistered

this looks like a cool phone. i wonder if it will beat sales of the voyager? im still waiting for the htc raphael though...how come on blackberrys they dont offer vcast music or videos?

15. unregistered

i think its going to beat the voyager sales. I mean verizon hasnt even advertised this phone and i already have a small waiting list for it when it does come out.

16. unregistered

VZW doesn't add any of their features to any of their PDAs. That includes windows mobile and palm devices as well. Not sure why they don't offer those services, especially when more and more regular consumers are switching from normal phone devices to the PDAs. As far the guy that said that sprint is known to release phones with software issues just to be first, I agree with you on only one device and that is the Instinct. They did not do enough QA on the device before releasing it, however they are rectifying it. But, the HTC Diamond is a PDA device. That being said, I know plenty of people that have the HTC Touch and Mogul and have never once had a problem. The only time that they ever performed an update is to upgrade to Win Mo 6.1. You really need to get your facts straight before criticizing. The fact is the Diamond's predecessor is the Touch and it is available on both Sprint and VZW. It was also available through Alltell. VZW practically crippled the Touch performance, menus were sluggish compared to other Touch models and the overall product was slow. Read the reviews on both Sprint's and VZW's Touch devices. Reviews don't make Sprint's device perfect, but it was rated higher than VZW's. Also the Sprint Touch has something that VZW does not. It adds Sprint's media services: Sprint TV, Sprint Radio, Sprint Navigation, Sprint Music Store, etc. Sprint realizes that just because someone buys a PDA, it doesn't mean that they are a stodgy old businessman who deosn't want any extras. VZW has yet to release a PDA device with their VCast on it, with the exception of the Moto Q9m (which was a butchered consumer version of the Q9c). Since your talking firsts, did you know that the Q9m is one of the worst rated PDA devices for its time and the first and only one to push it out to market was VZW. Sprint waited until about 6 months after to launch the Q9c. Same device without a bunch of features being AWOL and low and behold 2 months later VZW announces the Q9c and quickly tries to sweep the Q9m fiasco under the rug. Both companies have had there share of releasing phones early to get them out only to have firmware updates come out within a month or two, so quit your righteous defense of your PREFERRED carrier. Oh, and in case you were wondering, the phone currently on the market that is the best example of phones being released with firmware issues is VZW's Moto RAZR. It had 4-5 firmware updates within the first 2 months!!!! The Sprint RAZR is still on sell and has had maybe 2 updates to the firmware since it's release date.

36. unregistered

Verizon does offer VCast Video on PDAs (m.vcast.com). AppZone on many PDA gives you some features of a dumbphone. The Moto RAZR has 2 different Software's the old which is when Verizon 1st launched it and the New which is the same as the K1m. The reason why there are so many updates... Moto could not make a good enough Flash UI to work on top of their Java UI. VZW Demanded their UI on the phone but Moto couldn't handle it when all other Cellphone company's could, IE LG, Samsung, UTStarcom. If Moto can get the software right, maybe their phones like the Q9m and RAZR would be good phone but if they cannot meet carrier demand then they deserve to lose the market share... these phones obviously don't effect Verizon's market share.

57. unregistered

It's actually a proven fact that upon the release of a device VZW has a 90 test period to which if there is any problems they start the 90 days over again. AT&T and Sprint have a 30 Day test period to correct any issues which doen\s not reset if there is a problem.

58. unregistered

Um... perhaps you should do a bit of research before making statements. VZW released the original Q and then the Q9M, THEN AT&T got a Q9 global GSM variant than VZW released the most recent version the Q9C. And wnough with this stupid 'crippled' cr@p... on the cell phones maybe, but the PDA's are straight from the manufacturer. VZW just added V-cast to the Q since it's more multimedia oriented then say a treo. you guys can find anything to complain about eh? :lol:

19. unregistered

First of all get your facts straight, Centro and others had way worse software problems when they were first released on sprint. The fact is if you want to make a call with your pda/cell phone,choose VZW the biggest carrier with the largest EVDO network. I actually work for VZW so i would rather have my PDA be stript of functions that i am not gonna use just so i dont drop a call on your beloved sprint network. Give me a call when you switch to VZW cause sprint goes out of business

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