Turn your Windows 10 Mobile phone into a phablet with the latest build of the OS

Turn your Windows 10 Mobile phone into a phablet with the latest build of the OS
Imagine a magic button that turns your Windows 10 Mobile handset into a phablet. While no phone can stretch its screen size just yet, the latest build of Windows 10 Mobile includes a feature that allows those with a regular-sized handset, to experience what it feels like to own a phablet. This is accomplished by scaling down the UI on the phone, so that the QWERTY and images on the screen are reduced in size making the screen seem larger.

If the Nokia Lumia 1520 phablet has the UI scaled down, the result is a tablet-like experience. Some of the phone apps become tablet apps, including the Microsoft Edge browser, which looks like the PC version with the UI scaled down.

To turn your Windows 10 Mobile device into a Windows 10 Mobile phablet, go to Settings > Phone > Display and move the slider to the lowest setting. If you keep this to yourself, you can turn it into a magic trick and amaze your friends and family. Check out the slideshow to see exactly what the transformation looks like from phablet to tablet.

source: WMPoweruser


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