Transfer your playlist between Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes and YouTube with this nifty iOS app

If you own an iOS device and are subscribed to multiple music streamers like Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes and YouTube, you might find a new app to be downright helpful. With the awkward sounding name of 25 Most Played, this new app allows users to switch playlists seamlessly between these different music streaming services.

The free app allows you to play your Spotify playlist on YouTube or Apple Music. Play your iTunes and Apple Music playlists on YouTube or Spotify, and play your YouTube playlists on Spotify or Apple Music.

The app automatically tracks the top 25 songs you played on iTunes and Apple Music. It also tracks playlists created by friends on other streaming services, and allows you to listen to them through the streaming service that you use. And if you're moving to a new streaming service, you can port over your current playlist in less time than it takes for you to sing "Let It Go," from Disney's Frozen.

If you love music, this is actually quite a useful app. To install it on your iOS device, simply click on the sourcelink below.

source: 25MostPlayed


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