Touch Pro CDMA clears the FCC

Touch Pro CDMA clears the FCC
We've long known it was coming to Sprint, and just today we told you Verizon was getting in on the action as well, but until now the Touch Pro CDMA hadn't actually been made official.  The FCC has taken care of that for us; the Diamond's sliding sibling has just passed through their testing.  Sprint is usually decent about getting their phones out in a reasonable time, so that rumored September date looks good for now.  We'd expect Alltel won't sit on their hands either, though at thispoint that's purely conjecture based off their past offerings.  Let's hope Verizon doesn't follow their recent trend of launching non-RIM smartphones months later then their rivals

HTC Touch Pro CDMA Preliminary Specifications

source: FCC via Engadget Mobile



1. unregistered

Any guess on the price?

2. unregistered

I'm guessing that RIM has a contract that dictates release delays for all Non-RIM smartphones, or just a nice payoff. Either way, it does make things a little discouraging when a nice smartphone comes out and V takes a while to launch it

3. unregistered

most likely it's gonna be priced like the mogul.. no contract..$550.. 2yr-$400 maybe with a $100 300... it usually stays at that price range

4. unregistered

I'm on Verizon, and I'm never impressed with the timing of Verizon releasing their phones. They really take time butchering good phones and releasing them months after its rivals.

6. unregistered

Acctually if you read the article about the new verizon phones you would have seen that it said all the phones listed were to be released before the end of the year.(this phone was listed) and even if this phone was delayed it wouldnt be too much longer than Q1 of 2009.

13. unregistered

On the bright side, verizon versions of phones usually have some small improvements

19. unregistered

Verizon Improving phones? HA! I was with them for about 14 years, Well, started as Frontier (locally) then bought by Bell Atlantic Moble, then Verizon... Each phone was late to market most by 6+ months.. Then when they arrive they are sorely lacking in features as Verizon disables many good features until the clients SCREAM for them back. So if you bought a 6700 on Sprint you could use Phone & WiFi at the same time, But on Verizon they purposely disabled that feature.... You had to search for the hack or wait until they got their stuff together.. I finally quit verizon when to get the 6800 a phone I didn't even want (I wanted the tilt) they wanted to charge me $300 with all my discounts, my long term contract, my years of loyalty, etc. I got my tilt from NewEgg with a 2 year AT&T contract for less thatn $150. Verizon sucks. Oh, FYI it took them 3 months to refund my last payment and they told me I couldn't use the "Credit" I had to purchase anything either. They suck. Get a different carrier. And I'm also paying about $50 less a month for unlimited everything.

5. unregistered

This is a cool phone, seem like it was never going to be CDMAized

7. j0esm00 unregistered

LOL Taking time to butcher the phone good comment, You know they do that part well so I guess if your good at something you should take your time to do it well the first time. LOL before I go getting slammed by the V huggers out there I have and have been a Verizon customer for a while I still hate how the butcher the OS on the phones and make it so half the features don't work. Anyways off my soap box any ideas if the Diamond will actually come to the bigh red V

9. primewax unregistered

The article about new VZW phones has the Diamond listed by year end.

8. j0esm00 unregistered

Opps posted wrong oh well

12. unregistered

p.s. Verizon won't be stripping pda phones of their features anymore, they have an open source program

10. unregistered

There are a whole lot more Sprint haters than vzw out and about, they will most likely have the CDMA version 1st

11. SilvOreo unregistered

I'm thrilled the Raphael is coming to VZW this year. Finally a phone worth spending $$$ on to replace my trusty-but-aging Apache (with ppcgeeks WM6.1 upgrade, thank you very much)! But am I missing something here? Where are the left/right soft keys on this device? Are they only on screen with no corresponding hardware buttons? Touch control on screen is great, but I don't want to HAVE to look at the screen to do everything - that's more like Sight control than Touch control!

15. unregistered

softkeys are onscreen, and with vzws track record i wouldnt count on them to get it out this year ;)

14. j0esm00 unregistered

WI FI would be nice but I am stoked that this pone is coming to VZW I was getting fed up with spending money to have blackberry service just so I can have the features on my phone that I wanted that none of the pda phones had. Like GPS navigation with email sync and attachment availablity all in one phone. I love verizons network but the phones have left me wanting to move but the last time I did that I almost wanted to strangle the sprint rep less than two weeks later cuz I had no phone service due to billing issues even though I put 500 down to make sure there wouldn't be an issue. So does anyone have a clue about the date on this bueaty.

16. Pholey unregistered

Trust me VZW will not be "stripping" phones any longer. They have opened the doors for inovation and new devices. It is up to the manufacturers themselves to impress VZW to carry thier phone(s)...including software (mostly provided by Microsoft..go figure, you didn't think Bill was going to let Steve get away with this did you!) VZW (hopefully) has given up on the developement of devices and are more ready to partner with the HTC's, RIM, etc..of the world. All VZW needs to do and remain doing is keep the network fast and strong while bringing in new devices like the HTC Touch Diamond, Blackberry Thunder and even the LG Dare to run on VZW system. It seems VZW is finally heading the right direction in terms of devices, now they just need to work on thier release timeliness...quit being last to get the newly released handsets!! Can't wait! My question is, what will they be releasing next year?? Can't imagine.

17. j0esm00 unregistered

Good question but if they stick with the way they do things this phone won't get here till next year sometime since it looks like Canada just got it.

18. unregistered

Although VZW releases their phones long after sprint, their SWV's usually contain more features, and have less major problems. With sprint, phones are usually released with the very first edition of the software, and not tested thoroughly before given to the customer. I would much rather have a phone with a few minor software problems, than a phone with huge problems that cause loads of frustration. Even if it does mean I might have to wait another 4 months before I can get it.

20. unregistered

That's BS. I've heard so much about verizon "Testing" it's phones. If that WAS true they would provide the updated AKU's for people that FIX many of the problems and add features. They DO NOT. I dealt with issues with my 6700 and practically Begged for the new AKU, but they wouldn't release it and said it would void my warranty if I installed it. I had it installed on an identical 'test' phone. It improved performance, battery life and didn't lock up at all during testing. Another reason I left verizon. Verizon Customer for 14 years. Now I am sticking to phones with SIM cards. I can go anyplace with my phone and not deal with that crap. If they finally did go 'open' it's only to avoid lawsuits... Just my opinion/2 cents.

21. unregistered


22. unregistered

Well the only thing verizon has is high prices not going to lie their service is really good better than most but sprint is now going to have HIGHER prices now that they are launching a phone that everyone wants not to mention that the phone was originally suppose to be a GSM phone and not only that but sprint is going to launch this phone and word is they will have the BlackBerry 8350i Curve for its iDEN network so get ready for HIGH prices!!HTC diamond is suppose to be about 300.00 to 600.00 and the HTC Pro is suppose to be about the same a little more expensive and Sprint stores are getting the phone on the 15th f.y.i

23. freshwhips

Posts: 1; Member since: Jan 10, 2010

i have actually had my raphael/ touch pro verizon since 2007 i paid about $800 for it this is not a new phone the only problem i have with it had been watching flash movies/ websites and downloading from youtube but i did download the youtube downloader. remember this is actually a computer with Windows it is easily programmed with whatever you want to put on it. what ever is locked by company can be unlocked by you at any time and if you have any problems just delete or reset it simplee as that. i wont say uts the best phone but it is the best computer i have ever used except for the small amount of memory but thats why it uses sd cards

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