Touch Pro CDMA clears the FCC

Touch Pro CDMA clears the FCC
We've long known it was coming to Sprint, and just today we told you Verizon was getting in on the action as well, but until now the Touch Pro CDMA hadn't actually been made official.  The FCC has taken care of that for us; the Diamond's sliding sibling has just passed through their testing.  Sprint is usually decent about getting their phones out in a reasonable time, so that rumored September date looks good for now.  We'd expect Alltel won't sit on their hands either, though at thispoint that's purely conjecture based off their past offerings.  Let's hope Verizon doesn't follow their recent trend of launching non-RIM smartphones monthslaterthentheirrivals

HTC Touch Pro CDMA Preliminary Specifications

source: FCC via Engadget Mobile


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