Verizon finally launches the Q9c

Verizon finally launches the Q9c
Today, Verizon made available the Motorola Q9c through its business channel and It is expected to hit retail stores in the upcoming weeks. The Q9c is a more business-friendly update to the Q9m that ditches the flashy red accents in favor of silver trim and gets rid of the music-centric homescreen. The major difference is that the Q9c is able to use the VZNavigator application for GPS. However, unlike Sprint's Q9c, the GPS is locked down meaning that customers cannot use free alternatives such as Google Maps. New and upgrade eligible customers can snag the device for $149.99 after a $100 online discount and $50 mail in rebate.

Motorola Q9c Specifications

source: Verizon Wireless



1. jeff-vzw unregistered

finally! sprint has been carrying it for months

2. xev unregistered

do i have to get the data plan if i get this phone?

3. unregistered

Yes. All smartphones need a data plan.

4. mechrock unregistered

Not necessarily, I got my xv6800 with out a data plan, but I plan on getting one soon because Verizon lowered the price to $30.

5. unregistered

no u don't but then u will not be able to access navigator or send or receive pix . if that the case get a regular phone

6. VZWEMP unregistered

actually the only phones that REQUIRE a data plan are the blackberry devices. data plans are recommended to avoid outrageous data fees ($1.99 mb or 1.5 cent per kb) but they arent mandatory on the other smartphones/pdas.

7. unregistered

no you dont.. but to use Vz Navigator, email, picture/video messaging, or the browser... then yes. you would. Verizon does allow you to block data. But then why would you need a PDA/smartphone ???

12. unregistered

this is not true, as i know for a fact that vz does not require any pda phone except a blackberry to carry a data plan.

8. jrcrow unregistered

YAY!...Verizon..Congrats on crippling yet another device!!

9. jrcrow unregistered

oh yah..I almost forgot..good job keeping that god awful 1.3mp camera whereas the gsm version grabs a great!...keep up the horrible work!

10. unregistered

hahaha all i see is you (jrcrow) bashing Verizon...hahaha a company that can literally buy with the change in their pocket. Good luck with ATT. hopefully where you live there isnt a natural disaster...they wont let you out of your contract (katrina)

11. unregistered

There is so much misinformation here I had to comment. I have a Q9c with verizon and you don't need a data plan. You also don't need data for VZ Navigator or picture messaging. VZ Navigator uses air time to download maps. Picture messaging is a text function and I have unlimited texting. I have had it for 6 months with no data overages as I am pay per KB. They will try and force you to get a plan, but I declined saying that I realize how not to use the web browser.

13. Keel Money unregistered

Can I use a Motorola Q9c for Verizon Prepay

14. NKirsten unregistered

I have read a bunch of comments saying this phone does not require a data package, but they are all from 2008. Is that still the case?

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