Verizon XV6800 now available

Verizon XV6800 now available
Just in time for the Holiday Season, Verizon Wireless launched the XV6800. Coming as the replacement of the XV6700, this is the carrier’s variant of the Mogul and currently is the most advanced smartphone in the line.

It runs on Windows Mobile 6 Professional OS, features 2.8” QVGA touch display, side-sliding QWERTY, WiFi, GPS and EV-DO Revision A. Verizon currently offers it for $399.99 with additional $50 mail-in rebate.

Verizon Wireless XV6800 Specifications

source: Verizon



1. thomas unregistered

is it just me, or does this thing just look outdated... i have been eligible for my upgrade since August but Verizon doesn't have a smartphone that really blows me away- so I think I might wait until January and switch to ATT. I don't know, does anyone have a heads up on more releases from Verizon?

2. Phil unregistered

HTC Touch...

3. joe unregistered

its just you. what pda is any better than this one? aside from the GSM stuff from japan maybe. the most important part of a pda is the network its on for data speed and youll be sorely disappointed by ATT's

4. Vega7racer unregistered

Without doubt this should have been released a year ago but its still one of the best out there. To reply to the first comment, Verizon has the i760, the Pearl and the Q9 in its smart phone lineup. Those all are all awesome devices. In fact I think the i760 (minus the lame 1 MP shooter) is totally underrated. If those don’t do it for ya then the (soon to be released) Touch and or surely the U940 will work. The Voyager, though not a smart phone, will do many of the smart phone functions granted not as well but it is lots of fun to play with.

5. kevin unregistered

I am switching to the next upgrade to the iphone when it comes next year. I have the vx6700, treo 600, samsung i700 and the biggest problems with these phones is the inability to use them as phones because of the freezes and sluggishness. I was in the VZW store yesterday and I almost purchased the Blackberry 8830 because of the push email and tethered modem feature. I was told the modem feature was included in $45 dollar data plan which almost sealed the deal. In the evening I used my son's iTouch to view a web app and the web browser can not be beat. As I told a VZW representative you may have the best network, but if I can not access a work related website on my xv6700 your network is useless. I tested out my brother's iPhone last weekend and was impressed on how few clicks to access all the functions, a very fluid GUI. And again I was able access websites that I bet the xv6800 can't handle either. I am going to just use my xv6700 as a Skype phone (wifi) once I get the iPhone 2.0

6. ewill unregistered

to #5, you seem to hardly know what you are speaking of. you may think the iPhone is some great device and all but it is on ATT! a network cannot get much worse. plus you are speaking of the xv6700, treo 600, and i700....all phones that either suck or were discontinued more than a year or two ago. Maybe if you decided to switch to an updated device you might find 2007-2008 to be quite pleasant. You cannot expect much when you are using such outdated devices. good luck with your venture to crappy ATT

7. vzwemp unregistered

if what you are interested in is the fluidity of the Iphone, then you dont want a PDA. An Iphone is not a PDA, and if you go into it thinking it is, you are gonig to be severely dissapointed. If you do like the iphone however, then give the voyager a run. It gives the iphone a beating in most respects.

8. Phil unregistered

Get the XV6800 put it on a belt clip. Take your iPod Touch and have it connect via Wi-fi infastructure mode and dial into the data connection of the XV6800. Atleast I've seen some people at my company do that (xv6700) because they hate ATT.

9. tluv unregistered

The iPhone should not even be in this conversation. It's a multimedia phone and it's main purpose is the play music and surf the web. If you want a smart phone then the i760 or the 6800 is the way to go. Best network, best smartphone functions and with Verizon going to an open network next year you will be able to have even more phones on the better network. Plus Apple is raping all of it's customers anyways. They get $13 per month per iPhone user, $250 per phone PROFIT and after using the part of the device that's the most important......THE PHONE the iPhone is shyte. Sounds horrible, drops calls and overall is pitiful. Get an iPod if you care about web browsing but for true business users the i760 and 6800 are tops (ATT Tilt is a good one but ATT sucks)

10. Kevin unregistered

I purchased the xv6700 in March 2006 and the 6800 is the first real replacement for the 6700 to be released. At the end of the day, the xv6700 couldn't handle more then a few core installed programs without causing problems requiring soft and hard resets to make it stable again. My point is that the iphone web browser is the best out there. If the 6800 browser had a capable web browser, I might buy it but it is stuck still in 2005, As I stated before, I am not getting the iphone 1.0, but waiting for next device from Apple which may be announced as early as Jan at MacWorld '08. If anybody can suggest a device with a upgraded web browser I would be happy to listen. The voyager is not an option, it won't connect to itunes and sync never mind the browser. As far as splitting it down the middle, I considered getting the Blackberry and tethering it to the EEE PC or the rumored Mac ultra portable which gives me the best of both worlds, email and web browsing. I don't want to carry around two of the same size devices. I have been with Verizon/BAM for over 11 years and I like the network. My experience with the iPhone/ATT this weekend was positive and that is with version 1.0. My business requires email and and a capable web browser. MSIE can not handle my online support desk, wordpress admin and can barely handle server admin programs and other custom programs. The i760 and 6800 MS Mobile phones do have there place but surely lack in the browser department. The 6800 won't increase my productivity, just leave me $199 (with discounts) poorer.

11. Phil unregistered

Okay so now I am a bit confused. Are we looking for a pocket PC or a pocket MAC? There are plenty of options if you want a full computer with you... like OQO, the UX series by Sony, and much more from Samsung and IBM. All of the devices have a WWAN option (Sprint, ATT, VZW, and Alltel). Maybe we should re-examine why we're comparing the iPhone to the 6800 because they both are on two seperate sides of the field.

12. Ben unregistered

Its very important to note that you can install other web browsers on Windows Mobile Phones such as this. You can get opera mobile (not just mini). It has full HTML browsing. Also you can get Minimo which is made by mozilla and is basically a mobile firefox. and finally you can install flash player on windows mobile (not included though, goto Iphone does not have flash support. or even the ability to install other apps.

13. thomas unregistered

having the best coverage is not an excuse for having a poor high-end phone selection. the 6800 and the Touch (when it finally is released) have both been available on other networks for some time. if Verizon wants to smash AT&T then it needs to lead the market in phone selection as well. AT&T is considered the industry leader and a big reason for that is its innovative phone selection. i have been with Verizon for 4 years and i love the coverage but their slow progress in phone selection is becoming increasingly frustrating.

14. Kevin unregistered

I am looking for a capable Personal Digital Assistant for MY needs which I have outlined. I rather my connect device to my Mac, but since I use WinXP, MacOS, and CentOS I am open to anything. My first real PDA was the Sharp Wizard in 1988 and I can't recall all the devices that I have had since then. Verizon takes so long to release their phones because they need to find a way to cripple the device/or change the UI to make an extra dollar on it. It seems that this causes more problems and frustration then is solves from user satisfaction and customer support. They are finally seeing the light by opening other devices on their network in the future. I have used every 3rd Party web browser that I can find and they just don't match up.

15. 6800 unregistered

This phone is definately out dated, but I'm happy that Verizon has finally released it. I will be getting the 6800. It's the best Verizon has to offer.

16. Jason unregistered

This is much better than Sprints version, looks and feel. Ran much smoother than the one I played with at the Sprint store. iPhone shouldnt really be in this conversation, its got NOTHING new to offer, old hat in a very nice looking package and it works. However good Verizon's network is they really are slow at releasing phones. I had planned on getting the Libra but they took so long a new version is out with much better specs that will convert me to ATT.

17. Nong Toom fan unregistered

Supposedly as the HTC Mogul this phone is amazing. It's quality but then again, bringing this phone from a GSM network to a CDMA network, the phone get really watered down. I heard this phone is good though. Well, thank god VZ is allowing people to try it for 30 days. Then we'll talk. Outdated? Probably but as long as the overall quality of the phone is good, who cares. Although it is really late for VZW to get this model, it should have gotten a future upgrade to this phone. But we'll see what the feedback is from all you phone freaks and enthusiasts out there.

18. Steven unregistered

First off, the toyPhone is NOT a PDA and has nothing to do with this phone. Please tell me what's outdated? The 6800 and Tilt are no different except for the camera and tilt screen (oooh.. ahhh, not). People just want an excuse to bash Verizon, thats all it is. (No I'm not a Verizon lover I just get tired of hearing people moan and complain)

19. Kevin unregistered

i have been with Verizon for 11 years, and this is the first time I have talked about VZW. I like there cell service by I have hate their products and other business practices. And by the recent press releases from VZW, it seems that they are finally seeing the light with ending the extended contracts when you change a plan and opening their networks to non VZW phones. Outdated is never getting a software revision for your phone without physically going to the Verizon Store. Is MS6 too much to ask for my 18 month old xv6700 ? When was the last time you were notified of a software update other then walking into the VZW tech get your phone fixed (text message anyone ?). Outdated is taking 2 to 4x's as many steps to use any of the phones functions. Outdated is when Verizon tells you may lose your contacts when your phone is updated by them. Ever upgrade your phone and lose your ringtones, photos, and games ? Outdated, How about visual voicemail ? (you can't you that in corporate world). How about the ability to sync to either a mac or a pc (FOR FREE ! without buying $69 software from VZW) Anyone remember fiasco with the Motorola Timeport 270c, the very first phone that VZW said had bluetooth. I am still waiting for that feature to work 7 years later. How about the lawsuit with the Motorola e815 the VZW said could sync data to a PC, Verizon Can you sync me now? If the toyphone is such a toy, why can you sync Music, Video, Photos, Contacts, Calendar, Notes and more with the iPhone to both a PC and MAC for free. Get HTML email, read the screen without a microscope, view most web pages as if you are at a desktop computer. If that is not a PDA, what is ?

20. Kevin unregistered

You can get the 6800 with Sprint SERO Plan for $30 a month that provides 500 anytime minutes, unlimited data, and text messaging. The same plan on VZW is $79 a month for only 450 minutes and not text messaging. Outdated ? Yes

21. Frederick unregistered

bulls**t. I just checked There is no such plan. If there was, everyone would jump tomorrow regardless of the network sucking (which Sprint indeed does - suck, that is).

22. Real Business User unregistered

There is no question that the iphone is a wonderful device that truly made multimedia simple. The question is whether the iphone is suitable for business use. It clearly was not designed or intended for the enterprise type customer. If I cannot have my IT department push my 60-80 emails a day to my device then what use is it for me? It is great that I can get yahoo and msn over the iphone, but I cant get my server which is behind my corporate firewall to send seamlessly to the device. The differentiator here is form or function. The form of the iphone is incredible but it is lacking in function for business users. The function of the 6800 is outstanding, but it lacks the styling and appeal of the iphone. It is like have a convertible or a minivan. The convertible looks and feel great but it can take you and your family with luggage on a road trip. The minivan can do that but it sure is not the most stylish.

23. Frederick unregistered

It's also funny to note that the iPhone really doesn't do anything that the xv6700 did 2 years ago. Browsing, email, multimedia... Except for the touch screen, the XV has been there, done that. The iPhone is 85% hype and 15% function. One of my students did demo the browser on the iPhone to me and I was impressed but aside from that, my Blackberry or the 6800 are far superior.

24. vzwfreak unregistered

If you are unsatisfied then just leave, you will go to AT&T and 1.6 of their customers will get smart and move to Verizon. If AT&T is the considered the leader in the cell phone market, why do they lose more customers and gain less than VZW every quarter?? Oh and the JD Powers numbers are messed up, they count prepay where VZW does not. If they are so great and the Iphone is so dang wonderful, then why are their customers going to VZW at such an alarming rate that they are actually considering a second version of a phone that Apple makes 90% of the profits from?? If the Iphone is so wonderful why is there no insurance option and they make you pay $69.99 for the AppleCare service, that is insane, why pay $69.99 a year to have it replaced if the hardware malfunctions?? If the phone is so great why do you have to mail it to Apple and have them replace the battery while you sit at home playing on your Mac cause you dont have a phone for 2 weeks?? Just stop the whining and bounce, move on to AT&T and complain about the horrible network and lame data speeds while you look at these websites that no other phone on the planet can view. Good day to you Sir!!!

25. DeeMan unregistered

Kevin, I really don't know what to make of your comment. When you compare the iPhone to the 6800, you keep mentioning the things you "think* the 6800 can't do. In other words, you haven't even tried the phone ( of course, it was just released ) on Verizon's network yet. It has a full HTML browser, and since it runs WM6 Pro, it CAN be used with corporate email ( the iPhone can't ). Data sync ARE free if you use HotSync as opposed to Wireless Sync, if calendars, contacts, and schedules are all you're concerned with. The iPhone? It works on the inferior EDGE network and doesn't even MMS messaging. How's that for a $400 phone? By the way, the 6800 is indeed MAC Compatible. Also, you mentioned something about updates to your 6700. Are you kidding? Of course you have to change devices to get the better software installed on it. That's's no different than desktop and laptop computers. Yeah, you can upgrade your OS, but 90% of the time, it warrants new hardware to handle the gobs of new code to make it run effectively. iPhone has the visual WOW factor but that' it! I also forgot to mention that there no employee liable discount ( discount you get thru your employer ) offered with the iPhone, and as one poster here can't even INSURE the damn thing! At least Verizon offers insurance and the 30 day test drive. You can return it during that time for a full refund. As soon as the iPhone leaves the box you have to pay a 10% restock fee if you return it. I can't wait for the 6800. I'm glad Verizon took the time to test it and work out some bugs ( see Sprint Mogul ) before releasing it.

26. DeeMan unregistered

I forgot to comment about the whole "open" network thing that Verizon is coming out with next year. Personally, I think they are just feeling a little pressure from Google ( who wants to have their own OPEN network ) and they shouldn't. They know as much about the cell phone industry as Apple knows about phones ( pot shot ). But instead of taking jabs at Verizon by saying "it's about time they did it", why haven't there been any criticism about the companies who DIDN'T do it ( i.e. Sprint, T-Mobile, and your beloved AT&T )?

27. Kyle unregistered

Hey, Steven... Get your facts straight before you start comparing your phones. The Tilt (TyTn II)is much better than the VX6800 and came out a 2 months ago to replace their original 8525 (TyTn I) which is pretty much yours truly VX6800 with a bit more ram. Tilt 128 MB RAM vs VX6800 64 MB (HUGEEE DIFFERENCE, my friend) Tilt: Full functioning GPS vs VX6800 NO GPS (another punch to VZ) And you mock the tilting function as well as the aesthetics of the TyTn II, but it really is a slick device vs the pretty blue design of the 6800. Verizon is also charging $400 for the device with rebate vs Tilt's $300 with rebate....$100 diff for a phone that has 1/2 ram and no GPS hardware. Check your facts. Then start typing. And those who keep complaining about ATT's service, I just switched over to ATT from SPrint and noticed no changes in terms of service. Maybe you guys need to move out of your farms from bumbf**k, kansas and move to the metropolitan areas where carrier signals are always consistent and strong.

28. Kevin unregistered

I have been with Verizon for 11 years and have been happy with the cell service but this phone is nothing to write home about. From the reviews I have read, this seem like a capable phone but nothing more and it could be. Verizon needs to improve their phones specs, stop crippling their hardware (such as GPS), using the same crappy red UI (on all the other phones) and speed up their releases to stay competitive. Verizon has just announced major shifts in their business model which is from growing competition, which will eventually make Verizon that much better. Today's marketplace has plenty alternatives depending on your needs and budget. Go to and enter and check out the $30 price plan with unlimited data. If Sprint can give you a plan like this, and the iPhone is only data plan is only $20 a month, why is VZW still charging $45 a month ? Don't tell me because of the 3G network, there have been very few times that I have been impressed it the speed of any of my PDA phones. The best performance and user experience has been on WIFI period, which is why I upgraded to the xv6700 in the first place. There is no comparison of the iPhone to the xv6800, they are two different phones for different users and no phone is perfect. The xv6800 could be a lot better in terms of RAM, GPS, and hell how about a free copy of OPERA to boot. You are 100% correct that the iPhone is not enterprise capable but the web browser alone puts it at the top of my list for MY needs. I have tried the Tilt in the ATT store and I was impressed with the device. Since the web browser is basically the same in my xv6700 and I don't use a MS Exchange Server it wasn't enough for me to switch. VZW does or has sold Music and Office software for their phones. True the xv6800 may not need it, but for the first time they started to include the music software ($69 value) with the Voyager. You can not compare the iPhone to the xv6700. I can't count how many phone calls could not be answered on the xv6700 because the system was so slow not to mention the web browser. Some of the biggest improvements that the iPhone has brought to the market was Visual Voicemail, a great Web Browser and 8GB in storage space. Why couldn't this phone have more ram, gps, and visual voicemail ? Phone insurance can be obtained by 3rd party companies. VZW offers insurance that is $4-5 a month and the there is a $50 deductible for some usually defective refurb. If you had a claim after a year of owning your phone you in the hole for $110 dollars. You will be without a phone any time it requires it to be sent back to the original manufacturer for warranty/repair issues. What reason is there that WM6 can not released for the xv6700, since MS is giving it away for free. The xv6700 hardware specs support the WM6 upgrade without a problem. I still have another month or two before my NE2 credit expires, and in that time I hope that VZW comes out with some better alternatives.

29. DeeMan unregistered

Kev, you make some good points about getting a phone that meets your needs, but I'm still a little confused. "..the iPhone has a great browser" you said. And the 6800 doesn't? Last I checked, it was fully supportive of HTML and Java apps...just like the iPhone. Verizon seems to be between a rock and a hard place here. Everybody complains when they are slow to release a device despite the fact that they do some rigorous testing. If they release something too quick with a lot of bugs ( the iPhone ), then people will complain about that too. Look, I'm not touting the company here, but I have to give credit where credit is due... and one way to do it is with a little arithmetic here. I'm talking about the so called "unnecessary" insurance. Let's see, you buy a 6800 and after a year it gets broken. That's at least $60 in payments with a $50 deductible... $110... or over $400 less than what you would have paid if you DIDN'T have insurance. As for the wait, it's only TWO business days. The iPhone? No insurance, high price for a new one, over a week to get it, and yes, they ALSO will give you a refurb. If there is a warranty issue with VZW instead, no deductible is necessary ( if under warranty ) and techs can usually replace it in the store. Even with a warranty, you have to pay a fee to replace your iPhone once it's out of the box. Another thing, you really need to look at the "data" plan for the iPhone more carefully. The base plan for the iPhone is $59.99 a month. That includes 450 minutes, free mobile to mobile, and unlimited web, email, and facemail access, but you only get 5000 N&W minutes and 200 text messages. You want unlimited N&Ws? Go to the next plan up at $20 more. Want 1500 text messages? $10 more. Want unlimited texting? $20 more. In other words, the same price as VZW's Core PDA plan with a $10 text package. And still... NO MMS MESSAGING ON THE iPhone. The UI may not be "extravagant", but I know how to get around on the thing. VZW's UI is very straight forward. I don't know why people complain so much about it. A fourth grader can figure it out. As for crippling the hardware, I think not. About the only thing the 6800 CAN'T do is the VZ Nav, but that will be taken care of with a software update... as they did with most phones that weren't capable of it on release. It still is wireless sync and stereo bluetooth capable with Windows Media player for entertainment. As for Opera, not many people really care for it...let alone even heard of it. That's why there's very little support for it..and not just with Verizon. You can probably count on one hand the number of US phones that support it....with ANY carrier. Don't get me wrong Kevin, the iPhone is a sweet device but I just thought AT&T should have done the same amount of testing Verizon does. Look how many souls shelled out big bucks for a device that had major bugs from the outset and Apple goes and abandons the 4Gig version and lower the price on the 8Gig version, leaving those who paid $600 for the original out in the cold ( even with a $100 store credit compensation ). That's why phones take so long to be released with Verizon....TESTING! It's sad though...the iPhone will definitely be a killer device in the future. It's just sad that the early adopters got screwed on it.

30. DeeMan unregistered

It wasn't the Voyager that was the first VZW phone to include the Music Essentials software ... it was the Juke weeks before ( software, sync cable, and stereo headset ). And the comment I made about Opera wasn't a diss on the browser..REALLY. It's just that the mass consumer uses Internet Explorer...hands down. No matter how good OR bad it is. You go with the best seller. Hell, there are probably more people still using Netscape than using Opera.

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