New HTC devices bound for Sprint

New HTC devices bound for Sprint
These may or may not be the new devices HTC is announcing May 6, but either way this is some fantastic news for Sprint fans. Turns out that HTC is already prepping the replacements for the Mogul and Touch, the Raphael and Diamond (both of which are confirmed HTC codenames). These devices will be Windows Mobile Professional, we assume v6.1, and both will feature Wi-Fi, 3-megapixel camera, "advanced" TouchFLO, GPS and EVDO, which should be Rev. A. Oh, and get this, VGA screens. Yes, 640x480.

The Raphael is slated to launch first, with a target date of September, and replace the Mogul. The specs don't list a size, but it looks to be much sleeker than the current offering while retaining the side slide-out QWERTY.

Second, we have the Diamond, which will take the place of the Touch. Again, there is no size listed, but the inclusion of Wi-Fi this time around, along with an upgraded camera, will be enough to entice current Touch users to upgrade. Look for this to land just in time for the holidays if all goes as planned.

source: EngadgetMobile



1. jroc unregistered

the diamond looks exactly like the raphael with out the slide out qwerty...are you sure this isnt the same phone?

2. unregistered

Definately not the same phone, read the text under the phone images. One clearly (well, not so clearly, kinda blurry-ily) states to replace the Touch while the other states a replacement for the Mogul.

3. DP unregistered those who wait. If something like this was not announced before the 3G, GPS iPhone was released then I was going to jump ship. But it's all good now, all I have to do is wait.

4. unregistered

i shall wait.

5. burymeinblack

Posts: 19; Member since: Apr 30, 2008

Got the Mogul. Can't wait for the Raphael to come out. I'm holding my breath, here.

6. unregistered

thinking i need to return my instinct, and for the release

7. Je-c69 unregistered

Does anyone know an estimated price for the touch pro...

8. Cerito unregistered

Is the Sprint phone using CDMA with the overseas option of GSM?

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