Verizon releases the XV6900 Smartphone for sale online

Verizon releases the XV6900 Smartphone for sale online
Starting today, the HTC XV6900 will be avaliable through the Verizon Wireless website and direct business channels for $249 after rebate, but store sales will being on April 30th. The XV6900 is almost identical to the HTC Touch that we reviewed last December. It is a Windows Mobile 6 Professional device featuring a large 2.8" QVGA TouchFLO display with LED backlight, 2MP Camera, Bluetooth 2.0, and is microSDHC capable up to 8GB.

The software includes mobile versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Adobe Reader LE, Internet Explorer, Windows Media Player 10, and supports Office Outlook Mobile and Microsoft Exchange with Direct Push. Unfortunately, the XV6900 loses the built-in WiFi that is offered in its GSM counterpart. We hope it doesn't take too long for Verizon to allow this device to be used with their lower cost $29 data plan that started this week.

source: Verizon Wireless



1. Patrick unregistered

The $29.00 plan is available (no corporate email, or sync options), Verizon corporate was nice enough to order it for me yesterday, and we did so with the $29.00 data plan and a $5.oo/mo texting plan

2. George unregistered

I still don't get why they don't sell it as the Touch, like Sprint's. They should be.

3. unregistered

I'm having issues ordering mine online - I have an existing contract and am not eligible to upgrade and want to get it at full retail. When I go to "upgrade" it only lists regular devices, no PDAs. I'm going to call CS to order it, but does anyone know what time EST they are open and/or would be able to process my order?

4. detroit313 unregistered

I had the same problem. I called CS on the way to work. That rep couldn't order it, she said it was only available online, then gave me the internet service #. Then, they couldn't help me. Thay connected me to CS again and got it ordered for me. I'm getting it tomorrow, and with a corp discount $269.99. Long story short, call CS and hope you get a good CS rep.

5. unregistered

hey is the 29.99 data plan unlimited

6. Steve unregistered

I called CS and ordered my phone after having to direct the person to search the web to find it, since they didn't even know about this model yet. I was told that I could NOT get the data plan yet, but they did try and sell me total package plan which would have a data plan for $139... that is almost double my current bill. OUCH So I figured it will take a few days to get the phone so I will just wait and see if they have their act together and try to get the data plan added then. I'm surprised that CS didn't even know about this "HOT" new phone, doesn't Verizon think this is going to be a big hit?

7. unregistered


8. unregistered

Nothing new there buddy

9. cell dot unregistered

why in the world do you ppl refuse to buy or down right hate a phone that doesnt have wifi, wifi while good when you have it but the places that have wifi is your home/buddys home &starbucks type places, any of those i wouldnt both using a phone for internet

10. elgee02 unregistered

This phone didn't "lose" the pointless WiFi option, HTC never even put it on the CDMA version to begin with.

11. unregistered

This phone is sooooooooo HOT!!! Verizon probably changed the name from touch to the vouge b/c they have had so many touch phones already. Everyone thinks the iphone was the first touch screen and it wasn't. I am sure they will come up with a cool marketing plan for the Vouge. I personally think the name is soooo much cooler than the touch. Just like the PRADA name is awesome and is driven by fashion. I think the name Vouge is more marketing able. Smart move... I am so ordering this asap.

12. unregistered

White!!! Come on Verizon. Will they ever release a new technology PDA phone (other than BB) that caters to the business community.

13. unregistered

Umm... All the PDA's cater to the business community stupid. I mean really- what "new" technology are you looking for? Do you even realize that Verizon Wireless has no control over what new technology is released? They provide service. The phone is HTC... people like you get on my nerves. This is a forum to discuss the HTC vouge.

14. unregistered

Not complaining about the technology, or the phone - in fact I think that it is great. The only issue that I have is that Verizon chose to offer only a White colored version, when HTC makes a black and silver which are clearly more understated for business. This is *my* opinion, and you are under no obligation to share it!

15. Scott unregistered

I dont think white is a terrible color for buisness people. If it is that big of a problem for you I was looking at cases and seidio has a great super slim hard case that comes in black. Cant even see the white. Those are my plans

16. Derrick unregistered

Have just recently picked up the HTC XV6900 and I am noticing I tend to loose signal in certain parts of my home. Yesterday, I went back to the store to complain and the Tech told me these phones are not great cell phones in Brick Buildings. If I want better reception I should go outside to make my call. I am thinking on returning my phone and picking up something else.

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