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Toshiba TG02 shows off its graphical prowess

Toshiba TG02 shows off its graphical prowess
We're not questioning the kind of raw processing power under the hood of the Toshiba TG02, but gaming on the smartphone really didn't seem to take any precedence. Sure it's got one massive touchscreen that can be used to play some decent games, but there really haven't been any seen on the handset that stands out. Fortunately though, the Toshiba TG02 was seen running a graphical intensive 3D game demo, called Gra 3D, during MWC that clearly showcases its capability of running smooth looking games. Although it doesn't look like it's in playable form just yet, it does make you wonder how it'll translate when the actual game is fully running. From a graphics standpoint, it looks pretty compelling with pretty good detail on its screen while movements are smooth with little to no lag whatsoever. If we do plan on seeing more eye candy looking games like this, it'll really need to bring its top game to contend with the likes we've seen running on the Nokia N900 already.

Toshiba TG02 Preliminary Specifications

via wmpoweruser

Gra 3D na Toshibie TG02 from on Vimeo.



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