Top 12 latest smartphone industry trends

Top 12 latest smartphone industry trends
Ever taken an Innovation 101 class? If so, it's more than likely that you've heard a teensy bit about one of the underlying theories of the field – diffusion. It's a theory that tries to not only explain how and why innovation spreads through the various fields of life, but also how fast.

As all non-quantifiable things, it's obviously hard to tell with too much of a certainty, but a pattern definitely emerges, should you decide to dig deep. We won't bore you with academic research, of course, but before you step right into our pick of the latest smartphone industry trends, a primer should set the mood of what to expect in our pick.

Consider the LED (Light-emitting diode). It was first conceived as early as the beginning of 20th century, entered commercialization during the Sixties, yet (depending on where you live) chances are that if you look around right now, more than half the light-sources around you won't be LED. Doesn't that strike you as a little bit odd? After all, LED lights have many times higher watt-to-lumens efficiency than, say, a fluorescent bulb, they lower your energy bill and therefore also reduce greenhouse emissions. They're not ubiquitous just yet, but they're definitely trending right now – a 100 years after their conception. It's needless to say that the entire smartphone industry is built and is being actively governed by these facts of life, and while the speed of diffusion is far more rapid now, it still took a long while for most the innovations below to become a trend.

Lesson's over, but the point is, our pick is targeting trends, meaning that these have already become/ or are on path to become the norm. We're shooting for concise, so, as always -- feel free to add your insights right below!

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