Today's Microsoft Windows RT tablet announcement to show technology preview devices

Today's Microsoft Windows RT tablet announcement to show Technology Preview
All talk indicates that Microsoft will be having a Windows RT tablet announcement, which will showcase the version of its new operating system that will run on slates with ARM-based processors, and it might even introduce a tablet of its own.

The Win 8 slate(s) that will be shown today, and specifically the version of Windows RT loaded, are expected to still be a technology preview, as per analyst Craig Mathias, not something you can go out and buy in a week or two.

Not that anyone expected such a thing anyway, but the analyst goes on to say that the new tablet would likely be more business oriented to differentiate itself from consumer slates like the iPad. We already saw a screenshot of the touch-optimized Office 2013 that will likely come bundled with these Windows RT slates, and that will surely be a big plus for the corporate environment. 

If the Windows RT tablets get competitive pricing, that is - the analyst thinks Microsoft should be pricing them in the $400-$500 range to stand any chance against tablets like the new iPad. With Windows RT licenses reportedly going for $85 on average, Microsoft will have a pricing advantage before anyone else, if it does indeed make its own tablet hardware.

via eWeek

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