Tizen may yet get essential smartphone apps to make it a viable option – pictures show WhatsApp on the upcoming Samsung Z1

Tizen may yet get essential smartphone apps to make it a viable option – pictures show WhatsApp on
Ah, the Z1 – Samsung's first smartphone to rock the company's homemade mobile OS keeps getting delayed, cancelled, re-stated, and by this time, if you are doubting whether the handset is really, really going to be unveiled this January, as many sources have said – you're not alone.

The reason for the many delays, or at least one of them, leaksters have said, is the fact that Sammy didn't believe that there were enough apps for an effective ecosystem, which would in turn make it a viable option for users. The company launched Tizen-powered smartwatches, and a Tizen-powered TV, but its choice on what exactly to do with a Tizen smartphone is still shaky. If leaksters are to be believed – the many faces of the Samsung Z1 reflect that – first, it was a nigh-flagship class device, then it dropped to mid-range, and now – the handset that we expect to be unveiled in India on the 18th of January is more of an entry-level smartphone, sporting a dual-core 1.2 GHz CPU, 768 MB of RAM, a 3 MP main snapper and 0.3 MP selfie cam, and 4 GB of (microSD-expandable) internal memory.

Well, it seems Sammy got some backing after all, as recent leaks show that the Z1 will come with a WhatsApp client on-board. Whether there is a deal going on between the two, which would give users some sort of extended free service, is yet unknown, but having a popular chat app ready to go for Sammy's proprietary OS is a gleam of hope that it may just yet make it, even if it is developing markets only.

We've only got a couple of screenshots – one showing what looks to be the Z1's app drawer, containing WhatsApp's icon, and one of the app itself, which shows that it doesn't look very different from its Android sibling.

Are you curious to try a Tizen-powered handset? What apps would you like to see it support?

source: Tizen Experts via SamMobile
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