Still waiting for a Tizen-powered Samsung gadget? Better turn the TV on then!


While we're still waiting for Samsung to release a Tizen-powered smartphone to the global market (intentionally disregarding the Samsung Z), the South Korea giant decided to make its in-house platform an undividable part of its.... Smart TV portfolio for 2015.

Yes, you got that right, the tech giant spoke quite extensively about TVs on its keynote at CES 2015. Up until now, said Samsung appliances were powered by the Linux-based Samsung Smart TV platform. As a refresher, Samsung's compatriot rival, LG, has been endowing its Smart TV sets with WebOS for some time now.

So, TV sets are okay, but what about smartphones, Samsung? We guess we'll have to wait a little, but as per the rumor mill the wait won't be long - the next Tizen-powered Samsung device, the Z1, will probably arrive January 18. Or so they say.
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