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Watch as the president gives Tim Cook a new name (Video)


When you think about Apple the company (as opposed to Apple products), you think about Tim Cook. After all, he has run the company ever since the late Steve Jobs stepped down for health reasons back in 2011. That means for nearly eight years Cook has been the face behind Apple. Under his regime Apple increased the screen size of the iPhone from the 4-inch display found on the iPhone 4s, to the 6.4-inch screen belonging to the iPhone XS Max. The executive oversaw the creation and launch of the iPad Pro, and the most popular smartwatch in the world, the Apple Watch.  On Cook's beat, Apple created one of its most popular accessories, the wireless AirPods.

Admittedly, Steve Jobs left big shoes to fill, and his replacement was sure to be scrutinized by the media, consumers, investors and Apple fans. Considering the circumstances at the time of his ascension, many would say that Cook has done a fantastic job. After all, from the day he took over to today, Apple's shares have risen nearly five-fold.

As noted by The Guardian and CNET, yesterday Cook found himself sitting right next to President Trump during a meeting of the American Workforce Policy Advisory. It is not a criticism of Trump when we point out that he does have trouble remembering names; after all, the leader of the free world certainly has a lot on his mind. And perhaps, like many of us, when he thinks of Apple, Tim Cook comes to mind and vice versa. When introducing the Apple CEO during the Advisory meeting yesterday, Trump referred to the Apple CEO as Tim Apple.

Trump has had a hot-cold relationship with Apple and Cook dating back to Apple's reluctance to unlock the Apple iPhone 5c that belonged to San Bernardino shooter Syed Farook. Back then, Trump called for a boycott of Apple products and said that he had already stopped using his iPhone. A number of times Trump also criticized the company for producing its devices overseas. That led to a bizarre announcement from the president in July 2017, when he said that Apple would build three big plants in the U.S. Trump said that Cook had called him to say that Apple was going ahead with the construction of the factories. There is one problem; Apple said that the call never happened.

The president obviously feels at home on an Apple iPhone. He sports two of them, one of which he uses for phone calls only. The other one is used to type out the numerous tweets sent out by the president daily.
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