Three Motorola handsets hit the FCC: Moto X 'Kinzie', Moto G 2015, and a mystery DROID for Verizon

Three Motorola handsets hit the FCC: Moto X 'Kinzie', Moto G 2015, and a mystery DROID for Verizon
Three upcoming Motorola handsets have hit the FCC all of a sudden, and tucked amongst them seems to be the company's rumored Moto X 2015 flagship, codenamed "Kinzie". It seems that July could very well be a Motorola month, given all the hints and rumors of an imminent unveiling for the much expected new gear.

These will be the first handsets developed after Moto was gobbled up by Lenovo, so we can't wait to see what the company has in store for us. The FCC filings are indicative of an eventual Moto G 2015 version for Sprint, a DROID of sorts for Verizon, while the flagship model is one for all carriers, including Verizon. 

Judging from the 153mm length and 75mm width of the flagship, it is shaping up to be with a 5.5-5.7" display diagonal, while the new Moto G's dimensions peg its screen to be a 5-incher, or slightly larger. The mysterious Verizon model comes 148mm tall and 75mm wide, which places its screen diagonal in-between the other two, depending on the bezel design. We already heard about an upcoming "Clark" model for Verizon, with a 5.2" display, and a Snapdragon 808 chipset, so that might be it, while the "Kinzie" flagship is said to be equipped with Snapdragon 810.

source: FCC (1,2,3) via Droid-life



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2. tokuzumi

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I did read a rumor on the internet (so it must be credible) that Verizon was getting a special version of the Moto X, with a phablet sized screen. Hopefully, the 5.5"+ phone is the Droid Turbo 2, and the 5.2" is the Moto X 2015. If Moto makes a special version of the X for Verizon, it will never be updated.

3. Augustine

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Glad to see band 12 supported; unhappy to see band 10 not supported.

6. corporateJP

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Let's see if Lenovorola can keep the momentum going. It has been getting stale lately...

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