This is positively the craziest phone commercial we've seen

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Asia, a vast continent, home to the world's two most populous nations, China and India, is also the home to some very different sense of humor than we have established here in the West.

We have all been perplexed by it for years now: Japanese weird things, Korean pop culture, and all of that often made in China.

Well, this time it is China and local brand Xiaomi, a company known for its great value-for-money Android phones and custom MIUI interface, that shines with weird creativity in this latest commercial. And yes, it's weird, and sure, it's a ton of fun.

Even though, we just got official confirmation from the company's global VP and ex Googler Hugo Barra that Xiaomi will not bring its phones to the United States in 2017, we can't help but kind of want them. Well... at least bring your ad team over here, Xiaomi, they seem to be doing a great job standing out!

source: Xiaomi

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