This emergency cell phone battery is tiny enough to fit on a keychain

We've all been there – you totally need to use your smartphone for something super important (like checking the name of Queen's guitarist), but your battery is at 2% and its begging you for a charge. That isn't too big of a deal as long as you have a charger and an outlet nearby, but in case you don't, things get a bit more complicated. 

Thankfully, Fuel comes to the rescue, or at least it will come should its Kickstarter fundraising campaign succeeds. It's supposed to be the world's smallest cell phone recharging device – tiny enough to be carried around on a keychain, as a matter of fact. Inside it is tucked a 220mAh battery and the circuitry needed to guarantee efficient cell phone charging. Yeah, we know that's far from enough energy capacity to charge a phone's battery completely, especially when today's high-ends come with cells of 2000mAh and above, but Fuel should get the job done in case of emergency. Its maker promises that the gizmo should provide about 30 extra minutes of talk time or several extra hours of stand-by, depending on how the phone being charged is used.

Everyone who wants to get one of these is free to back the project on Kickstarter where a Fuel charger can be pre-ordered for $18 apiece as of this writing. Expect seeing the gadget dropped in your mailbox around July of 2013.

source: Kickstarter via Mashable
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