This device is on fire: Samsung is mocked brutally in this latest John Oliver HBO special

John Oliver, the angry Englishman comedian, runs Last Week Tonight, one of the most successful and witty comedy shows on HBO, and its latest target is Samsung.

The topic of the brutal mockery that Samsung was subjected to? Exploding devices. Sure, it might be a bit late: it's been months since Samsung recalled defective Galaxy Note units, but it's also not too late, as in just two weeks Samsung will unveil its 'next big thing', the Galaxy S8.

Meanwhile, Samsung has not only recalled defective Galaxy Note 7 devices, but is said to have led a rigorous investigation to nail down the cause of the exploding units and to prevent such issues from happening in the future. The company has even pushed back the release of its hugely important Galaxy S8.

Still, while we here are a bit tired of the countless 'exploding' Samsung phones memes, it's worth pointing out that comedy remains one of the best weapons against some of the biggest issues of our time. And this brutal mockery of Samsung, narrated by the brilliant Rob Corddry, is certainly fun to watch.


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