This LG rollable display prototype gives us a taste of things to come


Imagine that instead of having to lug around a big and heavy tablet like the iPad Pro or — heaven forbid — the Galaxy View, you can just take your still sizable tablet... and just roll it up like a newspaper. That would make it way easier to fit in a bag and carry around, yes? Well, what do you know, LG says this needn't sound like sci-fi to us anymore.

CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2016 begins in just a couple of days (but our coverage of events starts tomorrow), and LG's going to use it as a stage to showcase its latest and greatest achievements on the display technology front. The company will be bringing some of its craziest OLED and LCD exhibits for nerds to see and drool over (but probably not touch yet), and while most of these prototype displays are actually destined to become TV sets at some point in the not so distant future, a particular 18" specimen — the one in the image above — caught our attention.

Now, you may be thinking: "But isn't 18 inches too big for a tablet?" Well, of course it isn't! As long as you can easily roll it up like shown on the picture above, that is. LG has a history of experimenting with curved and actual flexible displays (LG Flex, Flex 2), unlike what has come out of Samsung's camp so far (google "Galaxy Edge" – those are curved, but helplessly rigid), but we're yet to see a commercial product that features a rollable OLED panel.

To be politically correct, rollable display concepts have been teased by other companies before, but our hopes here are that LG will be willing to bring things to the next level with this new prototype. Who knows, maybe they'll let us roll and unroll it to our heart's content this time around? Oh well, we'll let you know what this new prototype is all about in a few days' time. One thing is certain, though – our iPads have never looked so... flat and boring.

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