This "IPHONE" is on sale in Brazil, and Apple can't do anything about it

The smartphone that you see in the photo is a run-of-the-mill Android 2.3.4 handset. It has a 3.7-inch screen, a pair of cameras, two SIM card slots, and other unimpressive characteristics listed on its specs sheet, which is why at a glance there doesn't seem to be anything interesting about this device.

However, you will surely be surprised to know that this phone is known as the Gradiente IPHONE in Brazil, where it is now on sale for roughly $285. Why hasn't Apple unleashed the hounds at the makers of this abomination? Well, it can't. That's because in Brazil, the IPHONE brand name is owned by Gradiente, which applied for it all the way back in 2000. And now that the iPhone is extremely popular throughout the world, the Brazilian company has simply decided to take advantage of its asset and cash in on the IPHONE name. 

Will the popular name have an effect on the Gradiente IPHONE sales? Probably, even though the smartphone does not look like an iPhone at all. We just hope that nobody gets tricked into buying one of these thinking that it is the real deal. After all, you just can't buy a new iPhone for $285 off contract, especially in the country where iPhones cost the most.

source: Estadao (translated) via Neowin

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