Things you can do on Apple Watch that you cannot do on Android Wear (and vice versa)


Apple unveiled its new category of devices, a wearable called Apple Watch, but this new category has been long anticipated by competitors and comes on a market that is filled with rival products. The most prominent one? Android Wear.

Google unveiled the operating system back in March, but the first smartwatches have only recently gone on sale, and the ‘flagship’ timepiece, the Moto 360, has launched just a couple of days ago.

All in all, it’s clear that both the Apple Watch and Android Wear are technologies in their infancies. Good news is that we already know what they can and cannot do, and there are some very notable differences. What’s clear is that the Apple Watch - in the form it was announced in - has a vastly wider functionality. That’s why we’ve summed up the 10 things that the Apple Watch can do that Android Wear cannot.

Now, key to understanding these new wearables is to keep in mind that both are accessories to the phone, and not device made to operate independantly. This means that they are using the connection of your smartphone and a lot of the functionality will be lost without this connectivity. 

When you’re all nicely paired, and bits and bytes are flowing smoothly, there is a list of things that you can do equally well on both Apple Watch and Android Wear:

But what about actual functionality that Google’s Android Wear has and Apple’s Watch does not? The one unique thing that Android Wear has over Apple’s Watch is Google Now with its automatically popping cards. You don’t need to search for something like your boarding pass - Google is smart enough to read the data in it for you and show you the pass on your watch screen when you need it. For all else, though, Android Wear still feels raw in terms of functionality at the moment of this writing.

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