These are the smartphones with the largest camera sensors on the planet

These are the smartphones with the largest camera sensors on the planetThese are the smartphones wit
What makes a great smartphone camera? Whether we want to admit it or not, the vast majority of consumers, who have little technical background, have been led to believe that a higher pixel count equates with better image quality. The reasons for this are many, but let's just say that manufacturers did us no favors by marketing megapixel counts as heavily (and pretty much exclusively). Ostensibly, a higher megapixel count does introduce advantages, but diminishing returns kick in real fast. That is, a 5-megapixel image is more than large enough for a clear print on an A4 paper, and certainly sufficient for sharing on social media. More than that should not necessarily be considered an advantage.

So why is that? It's not that hard to grasp, actually. When you cram as many pixels on a relatively small sensor, that comes at the expense of pixel size, which is a pretty important consideration when talking image quality. Indeed, the smaller the pixel, the less accurately it can measure light bouncing off of it, and thus the more noisy and less clear the picture is. That's why, all things being equal, smartphones with larger sensors are better suited for shooting in darkness. Again, cramming as many pixels as possible in a smartphone may be a good way to advertise and sell a device, but not necessarily a prelude to better quality.

This is not to say that smaller pixels don't have their own set of advantages, but in the current climate, those are usually the result of manufacturers feeling pressured to increasingly add in more and more megapixels to their flagships while continuously cutting down on the thickness of a device (which tends to be impossible if you go for a large sensor, which, in turn, requires larger optics). This isn't limited to just cameras, and is plainly visible in other areas, such as the processor and display resolution. 

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So which are the smartphones that offer the largest camera sensors? We've got the answer, so jump right into the slideshow below.

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