The iPhone 8 may come with a 'complex' status bar and tap-to-wake, but no in-display Touch ID

Apple's HomePod firmware is the gift that keeps on giving when it comes to divulging information about the upcoming iPhone 8. Yesterday, we were treated to the general outline of the handset, and, now that developer Steven-Troughton Smith has done a deeper dive in the code, a few more interesting details have emerged. 

First in line are the revelations about a "lot more complex and powerful in design" status bar than we might have envisioned from the leaks and mentions so far. It better be, given the 'notch' cutout that splits it in two shorter parts than what we have on all but the Essential phones so far. There are some code indications that the status bar could be interactive, though it's not clear if that entails simply pulling it down, or something more complex.

Moving on, there are references to a tap-to-wake feature for the display, which has been rumored before, but no code to manage in-display Touch ID, so fingerprint reading might be moved somewhere else, or replaced altogether, unless Apple has figured it out, and adds code specific to the iPhone 8 to control it. There won't be much magic in the form of a "function area" at the bottom of the display, it seems, as the developer found out that it will be just a regular screen space, with something called "home indicator," that can be visible or hidden depending on the app and the context of what's shown on the display - in other words, the iPhone 8 might come with a simple virtual home button.

source: Steve T-S

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