The iPhone 6 Plus almost doesn’t blend

The iPhone 6 Plus almost doesn’t blend
No, Blendtec, the industrial blender manufacturer made famous by its “Will it Blend?” series of videos, did not get its hands on a new iPhone yet, but we suspect that could be in the cards sometime down the road.

Rick Ryan of slow-motion video footage fame, whose trademark is capturing the destruction of our favorite gadgets, usually by a well-aimed gunshot, picked up six iPhone 6 Plus devices on launch day. He immediately put the RatedRR team to work on executing a plan that involves six days of torture of the famed device.

For day two, they decide to mimic Blendtec’s modus operandi and determine whether or not they can make salsa out of the doomed iPhone. As it happens, blending stuff is not necessarily as easy as Tom Dickson, founder of Blendtec, makes it look.

It seems that the new iPhone 6 Plus is just a bit too thin for the blades in the blender to really do damage. Of course, the destruction was aided by Rick’s wrenching at the battery which quickly began to show signs of combustion.  As with many RatedRR ventures, the future of the gadgets are usually grim. 

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